A new gta online While _Red Red online the support ceases to exist, rockstar games continues to support gta online before the launch of gta 6. And apparently, something remarkable is on the horizon for gta 5. The new advance comes from the hand of Tez2, one of the most prominent sources when it comes to everything related to Rockstar Games. After making fun that Rockstar Games has some news to share soon on a tweet now eliminated, the source added that “something new for a change will soon reach gta online in about two weeks or so.” Unfortunately, this is the scope of provocation.

The brief rumor does not mention what is exactly this “something new.” In particular, it occurs in the midst of rumors that ___gta online_ is obtaining a map expansion this summer in the form of Liberty City, the fictitious version of the series about New York City and the scenario of both gta III and gta 4. That said, there is nothing to connect this new rumor with these previous and more doubtful rumors of Liberty City apart from the moment.

Grand Theft Auto Fans Are NOT HAPPY With Rockstar Games NEW Announcement...

As expected, this provocation has grand theft auto excited fans, however, there is nothing in the advance that suggests that this “new” is good. The last time it happened “something new” with gta online was the controversy gta+. Interestingly, another well -known Rockstar Games filter intervened through the answers with a very cryptic and confusing tweet that presumably means something, but it is not clear what.

“If we are going to assume this new to vary, I would say it would be an equal balance in gta online soon,” said the filter, Matheusvictorbr.

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