Mike Büskens’ mission at FC Schalke as an interim coach is fulfilled – the narrow celebrations have so far been celebrated in eight games under his direction and have already been as a promoted one before the last match day. The Schalkern was written in the face of the big pressure among fans, employees and players after the victory against the St. Pauli last Saturday.

But despite the safe rise, Büskens should not be a show run before he moves back into the second link. The royal blue would like to celebrate the second division championship with their “friends”, 1. FC Nürnberg (Sunday, 3:30 p.m., live! ” So the 54-year-old, who also emphasizes that there would certainly be no foul in the area if his team shouldn’t be master in the end.

From the point of view of those responsible, the game is not only important in terms of sport, but also financially. The “Roughly one million euros” championship would bring in for the district club. However, this also depends on the placements of the other teams, said Rouven Schröder, who made it clear his expectations: “We want to complete the chapter with a top end.”

The moments of enjoyment are far too short. We will find the time to make the decisions.

Rouven Schröder

Here Comes the Boom: Executioner Final Round
Before the trip to the Franconia, the commitment of the new trainer is also a big topic in Gelsenkirchen: But until the announcement, the fans have to be patient. “The moments of enjoyment are far too short. We will find the time to make the decisions,” explained the sports director, who only wants to take care of personal details after the celebration on Monday. In any case, one thing is certain – the coaching team will be preserved.

The 1997 Eurofighter has a clear opinion of his future task, in which he sees himself exclusively in the second member and in a special area: “I would like to prepare the young players for the next step,” said the ex-professional.

The coach did not want to reveal whether Büskens in Nuremberg who were less used to play less recently. There is always the possibility to use actors such as Malick Thiaw, who only sitting on the bench in the past two games.