A great power implies major responsibilities. True. Thank you, Uncle Ben. For the latest creation from Insomniac-Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales-the opposite is also correct. Young Miles carries the big responsibility for being the flagship launch title of the PlayStation 5 and steals the hype jet with complete postcombusions. Although it is not polite with the same mirror radiance as the original of 2018, Miles Morales brings intelligent additions to the formula while telling a completely modern story and highlighting the raw power of the PS5.

_ * This criticism does not contain spoilers for Spider-Man: Miles morals, but necessarily covers certain aspects of Spider-Man de Marvel (2018) * _

Miles Morales is a legendary character. In many circles, it is even more popular than the OG Spider-Man, Peter Parker. He played an important role in the last story of Insomniac Spider, where a tragedy involving Miles’ father has enormously increased the issues for Peter. We join the story of Miles a year after having acquired the powers of Spider, as an inexperienced but promising Spider-man. Under the supervision of Peter, he became known as “another Spider-Man”.

When Peter takes a vacation, Miles, 17, is al1. He is the Spider-Man, and it is up to him and his team to save New York both from a diabolical society and the anarchist underground. It’s a superhero fair, but a convincing story anyway. Big thanks to Insomniac for having paid such attention to inclusion – characters like Haley are just as unexpected and charming. I like as much an explosive action sequence as the next one, but it is the difficult times that have marked me the most. Living the Miles Harlem from your point of view was electric, from a relaxed Christmas dinner with your family to a very diverse night market.

The writing is strong and the performance excellent in all areas. Miles’ inexperience and immaturity stand out very well in Nadji’s performance, while Peter by Yuri Lowenthal continues to be a star for me.

Keeping things fresh is the key, and I am very happy to see an effective narration on a community totally different from that of the last game. Rather adapted to the current social climate, the slogan of the game is “be yourself”. During ten hours of the main scenario, we look at Miles Growing, become a member of the Harlem community and finally deliver the message that we are all capable of the spectacular.

The execution time is not extremely long, but there are no disposable moments or sequences. The intrigue is constantly advancing, and there is an entertaining variety of secondary missions and activities to be undertaken. Thanks to the new Friendly Neighborhood application, secondary missions are delivered in one place and are mostly entertaining. Many secondary activities have an analog of the previous game, such as collecting capsules to collect (backpacks), Roxxon lair (demons warehouses) and spiders training (Taskmaster). There are several others who are entirely unique in Miles Morales too, and they are all good enough for me to go back cleaning up the main story. I took about 15 hours and I still have some details to pay.

Miles Morales does not reinvent the wheel, keeping almost everything that made Marvel’s Spider-Man such an exceptional experience. What he does is changing just enough for it to look like a unique version of this already great thing.

The same old combat system that before is here. This incredibly animated, exceptionally fluid and falsely nuanced combat system. Of course, Miles has different powers from Peter, so things have been refined to adapt to this. Miles counts less on gadgets, with standard web shooters and 3 other options such as holographic drones to distract enemies. What he wins is a set of bioelectricity powers that are impressive. Venom Punch is epic every time you use it, especially when it is woven in a long and complicated combo against all ridiculous expectations. Miles Morales does a better job to encourage you to use your powers too. Where basic attacks and shooters on the web were enough the vast majority of time before, many enemies require specific strategies or can hardly counter your movements. An additional tactical layer without losing fluidity? Congratulations on my part.

Stealth has also been overhauled because, well, Miles can become invisible. It may seem outrageously controlled, but the balance is relatively good. In fact, I found myself making increasingly risky maneuvers while trying to stay hidden. It is certainly possible to often make the old method of “glue them all on the wall”, but have a lot of options keeping fresh.

Traversal is as brilliant as two years ago. I will stick to what I said then – these games offer a crossing higher than everything that exists elsewhere. The neighborhood is friendly and you will want to browse them all. Many times. At any time of the day and in all weather conditions. Why? Because NYC is absolutely looking for bananas in Miles Morales.

Laser line. Believe media threshing. Fucking shit adds to the atmosphere of fucking near each scene. Windows and the puddles are obvious implementations, but these are the small details that really add to realism. Having surfaces like Spider-Man’s eyes or laptop screens faithfully reflecting the environment seems to be a little strange detail on which to concentrate, but I constantly noticed it. It looks beautiful, and that’s a sufficient reason for me to largely prefer loyalty mode to the 60FPS performance option. Pop-in are much less visible than in the PS4 generation, with the dense crowds and traffic that you expect to see in New York.

The quality of the character and the facial capture were already a force for Insomniac, but leaning in a cliché is undoubtedly a generation jump. Surfaces and materials like Miles’ costume or Phin bun are closer to the Hollywood quality of synthetic images. Miles does not reuse many animations of Peter Parker, and his web sling at random and barely hung is magnificent in motion. It seems absurdly good, and I am frankly shocked that the screenshots that have flowed before the release show how beautiful these scenes are in the game. Combined with some of the most sophisticated animations in the sector, the bar for the next Generation has already been placed very, very high.

Musically, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a real atmosphere. The horns and strings that have permeated the last match are still there, although often placed at the top of a radiant pace. This is perfectly suited to the personality of Miles, and I am particularly happy that they took the trouble to rewrite the theme of Spider-Man to suit him. Admittedly, there is not a wide variety of tracks, but they have not aged during the game. 3D audio is an important element of the PS5 experience, and although I definitely have a better idea of The directionality using the Pulse 3D helmet, this does not exactly change life. Not yet in any case.

Unfortunately, the level of polishing in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not always perfect. The AI is inconsistent, sometimes identifying an invisible-spider man, and other times, failing to see a removal of the ceiling that I have made in the sight of all. Sometimes the button prompts only appear if you are positioned very precisely, or Spider-Man will not be perched on a clearly perched rim, and I must assume that this is linked to a pandemic. The game is not breaking either, but I have met other more problematic bugs. Once, Spider-Man has turned into a small cube for a few seconds before disappearing completely (changing the costume brought him back), and another time, the game completely locked. Far from being ideal, of course, but of a minimum impact for a very important reason.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has no loading time. Literally zero. When the game is launched from the PS5 dashboard, the Splash screen is displayed for about 3 seconds, fades, then fades on the title screen of the game. This alone shouts quickly, but once You select your backup file and press Continue, it becomes black, then goes to the game. It’s 2 seconds, max. It’s breathtaking. Ditto for quick trips. In the game, there is never a loading screen either during the transition to a new area. If this is representative of the performance we can expect from most PlayStation 5 titles, Whoa.

Although it is not as refined as the original of 2018, Spider-Man Miles Morales is a resounding success.
It looks sensational and it is an absolute riot to play.
The story of Miles brings all the drama he needs and highlights a community apart from what would normally be on the drawing board for a game like this.
Despite a certain bugginess, this is the game you want to show your new impressive equipment.
I can guarantee you that I will go from Harlem to Hell’s Kitchen every day in the predictable future.


  • Superb graphics and launch of shelves
  • Fascinating history in a diversified community
  • Zero loading

The bad

  • Not terribly long
  • Bugs and problems