If you look at Lifeline, the only healer of Apex Legends, you would not automatically assume that she is a cold -hearted killer. But obviously they mean-and their perfectly styled space rolls-serious when this new Apex Legends Mobile trailer is something.

This is because we now know that Lifeline killed 38,423 legends in the course of the games – this is more than the population of Gibraltar and Liechtenstein (thank you @gekkonova). Brutal, right? If you consider that 29,675 of which were head shots. Her life statistics flash briefly in the trailer (approximately at 0:46) when Mirage puts together his team to record it with Wraith – which understandably dominates the games. After all, according to our APEX Legends ranking, she is one of the best legends in the game.

#1 Mirage Dropped 24 Kills In This Apex Legends Lobby (196,000+ Total Kills)

While the uncharacteristic brutality of Lifeline may be most shocking in the trailer, we also get a little insight into the statistics of Mirage and Gibraltar – and they are far from being so impressive.

Mirage has completed 66 finisher and used 326 bait, which is not surprising when you consider how much he loves to indicate. Gibby, on the other hand, revived his teammates 86 times and achieved 176 shotgun kills. I am sure that you will agree that these statistics are pale compared to the absolute animal that is lifeline.

But all of this raises the question: Why is a secondary figure so good and should we choose it for our next ascent in the ranks of Apex Legends?

Who knows, but we were all the more pleased with giving the game a vertebrae by Apex Legends Mobile’s publication.