The underground shaft of the abyss is full of riddles, from the long -lost secrets of the fallen Kaenri’a to the existence of oozing alias. One of the most striking attractions of this area is the inverted track point of the teleport, which is not displayed on the map of the world until you unlock it.

This leadership will tell you how to find an inverted track point of a teleport and unlock it. Keep in mind that you need to initiate The Chasm Spelunkers to get access to Underground Mine.

where to find an inverted teleport point in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled in the image above. To get there, start from the waybill of the teleport in the stone halls and move up. You can also fulfill the quest of the archont’s quest “Requiem of a booby depths” (the grave of the guarded), which will bring you to the same place.

How to activate the inverted teleport point in Genshin Impact

bwaap plays The Chasm Archon Quest in Genshin Impact
Having headed to the place indicated above, you will find yourself in a clearing with an inverted track point of a teleport. Climb the column next to the track point of the teleport ** until you touch the ceiling. This will allow you to interact with the track point of the teleport to unlock it. Consider the possibility of using a tall character so that he can reach the top.

As an alternative, you can use the gadget “Wind Polter” or the skill of the element of the valve to create a stream of wind that will raise you high enough to reach the track point of the teleport.

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