On April 28, NAP HARMONIA launched Universal Enemies ” to PC (Steam). The regular price is 820 yen including tax. Lawn sale is being carried out until May 6th, and can be purchased for 15 % off 697 yen including tax.

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“UNIVERSAL ENEMIES” is a depth action shooting game that fights against ferocious monsters and organizations trying to use them. On the stage of this work, wars between humans have been unfolding since ancient times. At one point, monsters are created as a new weapon, and the war ends. However, monsters have a major impact on the ecosystem, and some creatures have become monsters. Monster production was banned, and an organization to manage them was established. Liana, the main character of this work, is a monster protection officer who has just passed the final exam. Her player manipulates her and her friends to solve the case related to monsters. She also confronts conspiracy using monsters.

Riana and her friends fight on each stage with ferocious monsters and those who are trying to use them. In this work, the stage is spreading toward the back of the screen. The player attacks the monster’s attack while attacking with different guns for each character. Normally, you will go to the back on the stage, and if you reach the back, you will clear the stage. The story is drawn by the battle on the depth stage and the repetition of the ADV part. In addition to the normal stage, there are stages where the boss exists and mini -game stages that challenge infiltration and racing. The play time per stage is shorter.

In terms of system, it supports one player and offline cooperation play with up to four players. When playing alone, the NPC operates other characters, and you can switch the operation character at any time. Character attacks can also be switched by lock -on and firing in the arbitrary direction. Each stage has three levels of difficulty. A wide range of players can play, such as purchasing recovery items at the shop. The elements include more than 20 types of screen effects options that display the screen in a retro game, such as family computer style and MSX style, and about 70 cute monsters are also available.

This work was created by the Unienna production team by domestic creators. According to the credit, Nocchi _ is in charge of scenarios and systems, and Nueko is in charge of characters and picture design. It seems to have been developed in 2014 as a co -production of both, and seems to have been developed for eight years. According to nocchi‘s blog, this work is planning to update including additional elements.

“UNIVERSAL ENEMIES” is distributed for PC (Steam) for 820 yen including tax. Until May 6, it is 15 % off by launch sale.