Netmarble is speeding up the global blockchain market based on the cube ecosystem of MBX and its subsidiary Netmarble F & C. Since the announcement of the blockchain business strategy at the 5th NTP (Netmarble Together With Press) event held on January 27, the company has been expanding its business in the related fields by rapidly unveiling blockchain ecosystems and roadmaps in the future.

◆ Netmarble’s game -centered blockchain ecosystem ‘MBX’

Netmarble’s own key currency -based blockchain ecosystem MBX is a model that combines blockchain technology around the game. Netmarble is developed by Netmarble, including ‘A3: Steel Alive’, ‘The Second Country (Global)’, ‘All Marvel: Meta World’, and ‘Monster Arena’ Or by combining blockchain technology with the game in service, it focuses on strengthening the fun of the game and establishing an ecosystem where user participation and reasonable compensation are virtuous. MBX (token) is used as a key currency for the MBX ecosystem, which was officially opened in March, and MBX Wallet is used as a wallet.

In the MBX ecosystem, a total of 1 billion tokens (MBX) were issued, and ‘Eco System Fund’, a compensation for the revitalization of ecosystems such as technical support and project development, and ‘community funds’, which directly contributed to ecosystems such as game token steaking ‘MBX will be distributed through the back.

The biggest difference in the MBX ecosystem is that it incinerates 50%of the commission in the blockchain service and earns 50%of the remaining 50%of the growth fund. Through this, the MBX ecosystem will continue to preserve the value of tokens and continue to invest in revitalizing the ecosystem, focusing on business expansion and advancement.

◆ Netmarble F & C’s blockchain -centered content ecosystem

The other axis of Netmarble’s two -track strategy is the cube ecosystem introduced by its subsidiary Netmarble F & C. It will combine various contents such as games and methuses around blockchain technology.

Netmarble F & C is expanding its blockchain platform centered on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through a strategic partnership with Binance, a digital asset exchange and a blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure supplier to expand the cube ecosystem.

Netmarble F & C is provided with blockchain platforms and technology infrastructure from Binance in the future, and based on this, a new side chain on BSC is newly established, and Gamefi (a model combined with game and decentralized finance) and Binance NFT market IGO Initial Game Offering) plans to carry out various projects.

The first project of the Netmarble F & C ecosystem is to launch Golden Bros. ‘Golden Bros’ is a blockchain -based casual shooting game developed by Netmarble F & C. It features an easy and concise game. Each player selects a unique bross (character) to enjoy dynamic game plays such as farming, growth, base securing, hidden, and ultimate use in the battlefield where the 3-3 real -time PVP battle is unfolded.

In particular, the ‘Mystery Box’, which contains a limited edition costume and a collection card in the ‘Golden Bros’ NFT pre -sale, which was recently held in the Binance NFT market, is being sold out immediately after its launch. The game will be officially released in the first half of this year (excluding some countries such as Korea and China) in the first half of this year after conducting early access from April 28.

Meanwhile, Netmarble was focusing on the Western market last year, establishing a dedicated blockchain department for North American subsidiary Jam City, and selling NFT sales of blockchain -based mobile mobile -based mobile ‘Champions: Ascension’ in February. Jam City plans to lead the creation of new value in the blockchain ecosystem by providing compensation for ‘Champions: Ascension’ gameplay in the form of NFT.

It is a encouraging news that Netmarble, which has proved its global competitiveness over the past few years, has joined the ranks of the world. Attention is focused on whether Netmarble, which has established itself as a global publisher through rapid response and competency due to changes in the market environment, will be able to lay the foundation for another leap in the new flow of blockchain and metanomics.