The two most important resources in Smilegates MMORPG Lost Ark are gold and silver. In a separate article we have already explained to you how you can best farm the latter. It is only fair to inaugurate you with the secrets of gold earnings. Gold is needed for all sorts of things in Lost Ark. If you want to buy a engraving from the auction house, upgrade your equipment, or earn a few blue crystals over your in-game troubles, all of this costs gold.

Especially in the later course of the game, for example, upgrading the equipment costs a rather stately sum, and the best accessories are not exactly favorable in the auction house. So we list the best methods here to constantly generate a little gold. Just like farms, as with efficient silver, the more characters, the better.


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special portals of the chaos dungeons

conclusion of the abyss dungeons

A pretty good way to generate a little gold on the side are the abyss of the title. These reward you with some interesting objects, such as upgrade materials and special accessories, but gold is also a reward. It should be noted here that you do not get gold for every abyss dungeon.

When your item level reaches a certain level, the gold rewards of older dungeons will be deactivated. In addition, you can only get gold with six characters per week. Each further conclusion then only grants you the remaining rewards.

to be rewarded for collecting

In Lost Ark (now buying € 19.99) there are various collective items, including the numerous Mococo seeds, and the masterpieces. The latter reward you in stages with a fairly decent sum of gold, and overall you get useful objects such as skill point drinks through the various collectibles. You should definitely not neglect the collective aspect of the MMORPG.

gold reward of the adventure islands

gold from the different islands

Another collective item is the so -called island brands, which you often get to complete a quest series on one of the smaller islands in the open sea. These quest series often also offer a few gold rewards. So if you want to collect the different island brands anyway, you will also get a little gold for your wallet.

Lost Ark - How to get RICH - Gold Guide for Lost Ark

improve relationships with NPCs

Just like with silver, the relationship system brings you a little gold. Various NPCs, such as Thirain in Luterra Castle, reward you after sufficiently pre -displayed Emotes or gifts with a few special gold coins that you can redeem in your inventory.

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