With May a few days away, streaming companies, such as HBO Max , have begun to share the list of premieres that we will see from next week. On this occasion, A couple of quite interesting series, including a Mexican, are positioned to be the most striking in the Warner Bros service, and here you can know the releases that await us.


-The bravas (May 5)

-The staircase (May 6)

-Hacks, Season 2 (May 12)

The Batman | Opening Scene | HBO Max

-The traveler’s woman in time (May 15)

-Made for Love, Season 2 (weekly episodes already underway)

-Tard Busy Debras, Season 2 (weekly episodes already underway)

-Thown server


-In mortal

-Heframundo, the awakening

-Mamma mine!


-The Da Vinci Code

-Angels and Demons

-How to train your dragon 2

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Editor’s note:

Unlike other platforms, HBO Max shines more with the premieres of cinema on its platform, such as The Batman. In this way, the more traditional offer does not attract much attention, although it is very likely that in the future this will be different.