Niantic announced today that Alolan Geodud will be a chosen Pokemon for Pokémon Go’s The Community Day in May . Coaches from all over the world will be able to catch Allan Geodia in abundance during this event, which should take place on May 21, 2022 from 11:00 to 14:00 local time **.

Alolan Geodood

Fans of Pokémon Go will see how Allan Geodude appears everywhere in the wild during the event. The players have a chance to catch a brilliant version of this Pokemon, which has a pale blue color. Allan Geodude’s evolution leads to Allan Golem twice, who knows a quick attack. Roll out. The players have up to two hours after the end of the event to develop the Allan Golem with the help of this special reception.

Bonuses of the event

During the May Day, there are many bonuses for events. The full list can be found below.

Try experience for capture during event *
Dive a chance to get the sweets GEODUDE XL for capture Allan Geodude.
Modules of baits activated during the event will work within three hours.
Players can make one additional special transaction for a maximum of two per day (this can be done within two hours after the end of the event). *
Double candy for patching Pokemon *

incense activated during the event will act within three hours.
Pictures during the event will present Surprise to the players *
transactions cost 50% less star dust during the event and within two hours after its end.
The capture of a sufficient number of Pokemon from the bait module will give coaches near the raged Pokstop a four -time bonus for the capture of Stardust and replace a triple bonus for the capture of Stardust.

sets of events

Alolan Geodude Community Day Pokemon Go May 2022 | Pokemon Go Community Day Update & Research
A Box of the Community Day will be available in the store for 975 Pokécoins and will include a super -rulf reincubator, Lucky Egg, Elite Fast TM and Star Piece. Players can also get 30 Ultra Balls in the store for free.

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