During the last few weeks, the editor 110 Industries has been launching a series of advances in social networks about a new Shenmue series game. Today, the company launched another ambiguous track, affirming that an advertisement will come “in the coming weeks”. The Tweet also presented an image of a banana and an apple. While that may not seem to be directly related to Shenmue, it is worth noting that both fruits appear in a scene in shenmue III. With luck, 110 Industries will not make the fans wait much more to reveal what is currently working!

The tweet of 110 Industries can be found embedded below.

Naturally, the previous Tweet has led to many speculation! Shenmue fanatics have been attentive to 110 industries since they started these suggestions, and the publisher is very aware of that fact. If all this turns out not to be related to Shenmue, many of those fanatics will be bothered. The whole situation is clearly receiving a lot of attention from 110 industries, but that could be something negative if it does not work.

Shenmue 4: New Rumor!

A Shenmue fan who has begun to follow this saga is Josh Fairhurst, owner of Limited Run Games. On Twitter, Fairhurst noted that Shenmue’s creator, Yu Suzuki, declared that he planned to tell Shenmue’s full story in five games. Fairhurst said that if 110 Industries are really publishing Shenmue 4 and sales do not guarantee a fifth game, he would be willing to finance the final game of the series. Limited Run Games published the physical version of Shenmue III, while the digital version was published by Deep Silver. Fairhurst continued saying that he is “skeptical” that these teasing are actually for a fourth Shenmue game, but it is impossible to say it at this time. 110 Industries is clearly preparing to reveal something, and Shenmue fanatics are eager to see what it will be, in one way or another!

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