[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jin] Webzen union resolved in strikes. When Webzen is in the act of activation, the game industry is the first time. IT Labor Unions are also asking as many as the case of the industry union movement in the future.

According to the game industry on the 12th, the Democratic Federation Formula Food Union Web Genesis (Webnetics) is scheduled to co-discuss the future progression in the “FIME IT Committee” held in the competition room. The committee involves participating in Naver, Cacao, Nexon, Smile Gate, Hansom, POSCO ICT Labor Union.

Previously, Webgence has been a voting of strike pros and consists of two days from the last 7 days to 8 days, and was passed as a 92.78% voting rate and a total of 2 over the total number of targets. The number of union signups is not disclosed, and the strike date is also notified.

According to Webgence, the union in the first deposit has been demanded in the first deposit after the establishment of the union last year, demanding an annual annual annual rate of annual annual growth in January, but the company proposed an average of 10% hikes.

Thus, from last year to February, we have been through three times in February, but it was fandurized, and after the first regulatory meeting of the Local Labor Committee, the March 1st regulatory conference was held. Since then, in the second adjustment of the provincial labor committee, the union was a compromise of 200 million won in the average of 16%, but the company proposed 2 million won for the company, if the company receives an average of 10% hikes and B grade.

The WebJenji-san’s 10% proposal is a 10% proposal of the company in the course of the coordination, a 10% of the union of the Labor Salary, ‘and below 4.7 million won or more to 5 million won’ scope, I said. The unionical survey of the union internal survey was explained that the estimated value of the medium-sized rods was 4739,000 won, showing the difference between 1,000 million won.

Since the stop of the Ministry of Local Labor Committee, Webgence held a large rallies for the first anniversary of Webnetics and Direct dialogue calls directly on the 5th. According to the branch, the estimates of the estimates were known for about 60 years of age.

The company has expressed its willingness to communicate. “If the Webzen officials are not aware of the union after unilateral negotiations,” said union “, when they come back to the Negotiation Table, the company has enough will, told the union, and continue to say,” he said.

Webneteside is a position to make additional measures if the company’s position does not change even after waiting for this week. “Even at the time, he said,” At that time, we asked that we have been a negotiation for the company that we will give up the company, but it was not negotiated because it was not negotiated because it was a negotiation that he has been in the end of the end of 10%. ” “Even if the conversation is difficult this week, the existing document will also be released.”

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Meanwhile, Webgence is a member of the union of April last April. Webzen has achieved a maximum annual revenue as a box office such as a large-scale multi-central role in the Mobile Mobile Multi-adoption role. I came out. Webzen is the fourth game that was formed by Nexon, Smile Gate, and X definite Games.