Zombie Army 4: Dead War will come out in a few days on Nintendo Switch. The opportunity to discover the details of this version.


Switch players will soon be able to show their talents at the Sniper rifle in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. As a reminder, it is the fourth episode of the Spin-Off series of Sniper Elite **.

up to four players in cooperation

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Hitler Zombie was defeated by the resistance and banned in hell . The game takes place in 1946 in Europe, in this alternative reality . The game mixes TPS and Survival-Horror , with the classic functionalities of the Sniper Elite franchise, including the kill-cam very graphic that show you the organs and bones that undergo the impacts of bullets. The game also highlights the cooperative game, with a campaign playable up to four players .

All the content already released, in the Switch version

The swtich cartridge will include all DLCs out with the first Season Pass , as well as all Maps Hordes added after the game output. You will have * three additional levels compared to the game of Base **, as well as nine weapon packs, five packs of weapons skins and four packs of characters outfits.

Alone or with friends, enjoy Dezombie Army 4: Dead War on Switch from April 26th.

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19 minutes ago

You can find it cheaper and better quality on Steamdeck, besides it would not be darling a Steam Deck tab next to that of PC.

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