Less than 10 days before the birthday of Artem Viga in the “tears of the femids”, the event “Preparing for the Birthday” was launched to start the celebration before. The event takes place from from April 16, 2022 to April 19, 2022. and open to all players.

The actual birthday event and a limited banner will begin April 18, 2022. , with one-day overlapping with preparation. Read on to find out how to take part in the preparation, as well as find out what to expect in the coming days.

(EN Sub) Reminiscing Romance (眷然恋影) - Artem Wing 2021 B'Day Event || Tears of Themis 未定事件簿 左然生日活动剧情

Birthday Training Event

Go to the “Events” menu in the left corner of the screen to take part in the preparation of Artem Day. A mini-event includes performing various tasks that will reward you with the value of inspiration. As soon as you reach the value stages, you will be able to get awards, ranging from materials to raise artem skills, materials for improving cards and S-chips.

Keep in mind that you need Application manually Awards for the stages by clicking on the gift icon on the tasks. Since the event lasts only three days, it is strongly recommended to fulfill all tasks to get a reward in the amount of 200 s-chips at a price of 160 units of inspiration.

Tasks, as a rule, are simple in execution, but here are some of them, with a search you may have problems:

The crisis, analysis, psychological intervention: They can be found in the section “Legal Research” X-Note. Each stage is open only on certain days of the week.
* Resource request at NXX headquarters: You can get this feature after unlocking NXX by performing the main history 4-2. Each request for resources takes four hours.

Limited Shadow Femis

On April 18, 2022, the “Shadow of Femids” will begin with the participation of a limited, exclusive SSR event called “Two Hearts as one”. This is a single banner that contains three SSR Artem:

  • “Two hearts like one”
  • “Loving memories”
  • “Atmospheric”

What to prepare for the upcoming birthday

The official event dedicated to the birthday of Artem Wiga will begin on April 18, 2022. Players must pass it Personal story 1-1 participate. You can initiate this in the section “Visit”. In addition, all debates during the event can only on Artem maps therefore prepare your deck in advance.

If you miss the birthday preparation event, do not worry, as it is not a prerequisite for the actual birthday event. You do not miss anything, skipping the first.

Familiarize yourself with our daily registration in Tears of Themis to help you Farm S-Chips just to the banner for the birthday of Artem.