The appearance of a brand new order in the first trailer of Kingdom Hearts IV was obviously anything but confirmed by Tetsuya appointed during a first interview with, present during the 20th ceremony of the 20th anniversary.

Always so thorough when disseminating the clues, the designer of the series did not just show hidden messages in the paths of the event – according to him, none of the employees of Square Enix were able to to decode the last one (see opposite), no more than fans on social networks. The choice to organize the festivities in Shibuya, in the heart of Tokyo, does not hold at random, since it is the neighborhood highlighted in the first game sequence broadcast last Sunday: “shibuya is a place Easily recognizable “, recognizes nomura, which nevertheless confirms that the district of Tokyo has no connection with those who appear in the World Ends with You or in the recent Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Shibuya will therefore be part of the quadratum world in which Waifies Sona, a universe already touched in the previous episode, whether in the virtual game intercalated in the world of Toy Story, or in the last moments of the adventure. Located in the adjacent district of Minami Aoyama, the apartment in which the hero of the series awakens will act as the basis of operations in the first phases of the game, also specifies nomura. Especially empty, the interior of the room could also change from here at the exit of the game. “The point of view of Sora, Quadratum is an underground world, a fictitious world different from reality. But from the point of view. From its inhabitants, the quadratum world corresponds to the reality, and the universe where Sona were and the others represents by opposition an imaginary world. I think the theme of this episode rests on the contrast between these two perceptions.

As we guess at the end of the first trailer, Donald and Dingo are they looking for clues about the disappearance of Sora in their own world. This is the reason why they adopt a design in the line of previous components, as opposed to the realistic style adopted by Sora. As in previous episodes, the appearance of the characters will adapt to the crossed universe.

On the fighting side, Tetsuya Nomura confirms the return to Kingdom Hearts 2 reaction control mechanics, these contextual actions that fans have obviously claimed: “After the output of Kingdom Hearts III, we have received a lot of requests for the return of Reaction Commands, so we made them come back. Which explains why the Keyblade turns into big drill during the combat sequence, after the irruption of a small icon. “_The reason a small black circle appears on the screen, it’s just because we have not formalized the platforms on which the game is planned.” On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait for in Discover more about the new “Build” command that appears in the traditional menu. Just know that, always according to nomura, destruction like construction are absolutely essential in the _gameplay of this episode, so much and so that we can already imagine craft on the fly like some extremely popular games…

Finally, concerning the Kingdom Hearts Mobile Project: Missing Link, also announced last Sunday, Tetsuya nomura says that it will fill a vacuum in the series “χ”, which includes Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts Dark Lord. This multi-based episode based on increased reality and geolocation is presented as a hyphen between the different universes. So it will not register in the Dark Seeker arch that took Sora to Kingdom Hearts III nor in the Lost Master Arc open with Kingdom Hearts IV. “ (In terms of geolocation), we try different things, but according to the calendar, the land and the atmosphere could be partially inspired by the world of Disney“, also specifies the creator of the series about the possible links with the giant of entertainment. A title whose closed beta is scheduled for next fall.

Kingdom Hearts IV Trailer Analysis & First Impressions

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