Drama-tic Adventure for Atlas × Vanilla Wear Nintendose switch version of “Thirteen Mental Defense Area” was released on Thursday, April 14 today.

This work is released in PS4 in November 2019. Although it did not shake the initial movement, a three-dimensional scenario that draws a group of theater, the word is a topic and has developed to a shortage of stock. After that, we have received a number of awards including “Japan Game Grand Prize 2020”.

The main stage of this work is the 1980s. In the “monster” that appeared suddenly, a boy and girl who is 13 protagonists exceeds time and takes place on a huge robot “Mail”. In the game play, the behavior and encounter of the main characters are intermediated “Prisoner” Maintain the story and save the world “Collapse edition” , Battle mode, Looking back on the game events and scenarios “Investigate” can be enjoyed with a deep consideration.

In the Nintendose switch version, “Digital Secret File” and “Digital Art Works” as DLC Benefits, “Reversible Jacket” is available as package benefits. Please check it.

“Fortune of the Route” Tomorrow is a story of 13 boys and girls, and the SF Adventure “Thirteen Mental Defense Sphere” with a large number of people with beautiful art that Vanillaware works. For details, please refer to the official HP.