Tobias Strobl has “missed our goals in two seasons,” FC-05 Managing Director Markus Wolf declared the separation from the coach to the beginning of April. Christian Gmasünder should make it better now. The 42-year-old takes over the coaching office in Schweinfurt for the coming season.

“Christian combines all the qualities we were looking for,” says FC-05 sports director Robert Hettich over Gmünder, who moves from the Bundesliga U-19 of SSV Ulm in 1846 to Lower Franconia and from 2016 to 2018 as co-trainer of the professional team Heidenheim under Frank Schmidt could gain experience. “He is down to earth and fits perfectly in the club, structured work is used to professionals, brings expertise as a playerscout and has collected years of experience in the junior area.”

After very good talks with the responsible persons I quickly realized: that fits.

Christian Gmünder

That also sees Wolf like that. Gmünder is “just right for the way we want to go: for a solid construction, in which we want to set talents.”

“After very good talks with those responsible, it was quick to me: that fits,” said Gmünder, who “with the values for which the 1st FC Schweinfurt 05 is on how off the place” also “totally identify”. ” Everyone knows that the team and the environment have a great potential. This is true in the coming season. I properly look for this task. “

Only third in three without promising opportunity

Schweinfurt, when one of the favorites started in the round, currently pops third in the regional league Bayern with 19 points behind Primus Spvgg Bayreuth.