PUBG has it, Call of Duty as well and now also Rainbow Six victories – the speech is of course from a game version for the smartph1. With Rainbow Six Mobile there are ubisoft’s tactic shooter soon also on the go.

Rainbow Six Mobile should be released this year

For over three years, an own team of Ubisoft works on a mobile variant of the tactic shooter Rainbow Six victories. Even if the “victory” is missing in the name, you can expect the contents of victories at Rainbow Six Mobile . A release is planned this year for the platforms iOS and Android. With a preview event, press and Content Creator were able to throw a first look at the game.

Content of Rainbow Six Mobile

Basically, the contents are based on the template and are adjusted only to the new platform. The release should give the two known maps “border” and “bank” and also the available operators come from the ranks of the victory characters. So you will also play in the mobile version operator such as Ash, Sledge or Hibana. So far, two game modes available for the launch are known, it is “bomb” and “secure area” .

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Game Mechanics of Rainbow Six Mobile

As had fanteading teams against each other, one as an attacker and the other as defenders. A maximum of three rounds per match are played. The game principle continues to follow the template. While defenders have to attach their positions, the attackers peer them out and try to meet the goals of the played mode. Of course, each operator has its offensive and defensive capabilities and equipment available. The size of the weapon selection for the launch is currently unknown.

However, Rainbow Six Mobile differs in some points of victories. The most obvious is of course the control over the touchpad of the smartphone . Whether controller is supported is currently unknown. A special feature is there when targeting the weapons . Your field of view becomes smaller and the ambient noise quieter to better grasp a goal.

Future content and release

Rainbow SIX Mobile will have a smaller share of the content of the now over six-year-old victories for the launch. Whether future content comes exclusively from the template, Ubisoft left open. As with victories, new content as Seasons are added, however, the mobile version pursues another publication cycle than the games for PC and consoles.

Rainbow Six Mobile will be a Free2play game , over the monetization is not known yet. Since the game also pursues a Season system, a paid Battle Pass is quite likely. The release is still planned for the year 2022 .