Kingdom Hearts 4 First Information - Open World, Star Wars & Marvel, New Visuals
Coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the series, Square Enix set fire to the Internet this morning when announcing that Corazones of the kingdom 4 is now officially under development. The revelation of the game was performed through a new advance that gave the fans a brief show of what will have reserved the last entry of the franchise. And although there are still many more questions than answers when it comes to Corazones of the kingdom 4 At this time, an official game description makes it look like it could be set in an open world.

Not long after the trailer of revelation of Corazones of the kingdom 4 was shown, Square Enix revealed some of the first details about his last action RPG. In summary, the description of the game that was provided did not reveal much, but it seemed to imply that the new location of the title, known as Quadratum, could be set in an open world. Square Enix did not officially tagge Quadratum as an open world, but he said that the location is “different from everything that has been seen before” compared to the previous deliveries. Taking into account that Kingdom Hearts has never really been in an open world environment, it is logical that Square Enix is moving in this direction.

“In the advance of the announcement, Sora makes a triumphant return with an updated look at the beginning of a new epic story titled ‘Lost Master ARC’,” says the official description of Corazones of the 4 kingdom of Square Enix. “Beginning with Sora facing himself in a Battle of Heads against a giant enemy, players are presented to Quadratum, a large and expansive city located in a beautiful and realistic world as never before had seen in the Kingdom Hearts series. The fans will be excited to see the return of the well-known companions of Sora, Donald and Goofy, in addition to the first appearance of Strelitzia, a new and mysterious character that appears before Sora in this new and strange scenario. “

Once again, there is still very little that we know about Corazones of the 4 kingdom in general and there is a good possibility that we do not listen more about the project for quite some time. Even so, this brief description that Square Enix from the game tells us that KH4 will be very different compared to its predecessors, so it is definitely worth exciting.

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