Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link explores the missing chapter, the action of which occurs after the Kingdom Hearts: Union χ and to the events of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. The action takes place in Scala AD Caelum – like a labyrinth of the world of KeyBlade Wielders owners, created by one of the five leaders of the Union, Efemer. Since the action takes place years after Union χ, but before Birth by Sleep, it is quite natural to wonder what worlds you can explore.

Here is a list of all worlds potentially affordable in Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link:

We gotta Talk about Kingdom Hearts Missing Link..

  • Rock and body
  • Kingdom of Crown

There are also urban and industrial areas that look as if they belong to the existing world, for example, Monstroopolis, but, given how extensive they describe the cliff-hell-kaelum, it can be assumed that they are just one of many places in his world. Floating islands.

There is also this area that looks like a key clink cemetery, but the presence of spiny trunks of trees refutes it. However, given the presence of other owners of key blade, it actually looks like a potential raid area .

However, at the time of writing the article, nothing is confirmed. The above list is based solely on what was shown in the announcement trailer you can see below.

Thus, the links between the worlds in the “missing link” still need to recover, which makes many worlds Kingdom Hearts franchises available for research. New worlds may also be presented.

_This list will be updated as new information about the game appears.

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