Has Stone has been launching an expansion pack, centering on the normal power every year since Kraken in 2016. “Ancient God’s whispers” in the first or vertebrate “Ancient God’s whispers” expansion packs or “a summer night Carlacer”, “In a summer night, each card pack, each card pack is an individual charm, and a scenario that is a skeleton like the year of 2019 for 2019. There was a card pack release along the line.

The year of Griffin in 2021 goes and the newly announced normal power in 2022 is the “Sea of Hydra”. I was interested in changing the core cards and major content changes to a new card in a new expansion pack, which is a new expansion pack, which is interested in changing key cards and major content changes.

In the context of a massive balance and meta change, in the confirmed situation, what would have prepared a new normal power? In addition, what is the content to be shown through the normal power this year? Hauston General Director Nathan Lyons-Smith, Executive Director (Nathan Lyons-Smith, Executive Director), Financial Designer Video Interview with Edward Goodwin, Associate Game Designer, Final Designer, I brought a chance to share.

Q. The new normal power is the solution of Hydra. Usually, the symbol of the normal power is a lot of implied themes of the appropriate year, is there special meaning?

If Hydra’s sun is the biggest sense that was selected as a normal power this year, it seems to be related to the first expansion pack. The navigation expansion pack to the sinking city will show a very large sewer, such as the number. It is anticipated that the new expansion pack can meet a wonderful sewage of Hydra’s spirit.

Q. What is the biggest change in the player in Hydra’s year?

Once it focuses on the form of Daejeon. The main goal in the Daejeon mode this year is to play a field-oriented game play. The three expansion packs to be presented in the future are also focusing on this part.

There are many new mechanisms such as throughout the navigation to the navigation to the sinking city, which is ahead of the release, and there are many things we are preparing. It is not possible to disclose all of this place, but in the next few months, these cards and mechanisms are played, and I am interested in how to enjoy it.

This flow is expected to be fun and a fairly fierce fight centered on the field.

Q. If you have an improvement in the ability to improve the features and client performance, but have a recent achievement, random hero skin, and improvements in addition to random hero skin, and reporting functions?

This week revealed the relevant video, but the biggest change is the change in the UI. In particular, it has been conveniently convenient to separately collect achievements by signing a recent company separately and collecting achievements more easily. There are a lot of preparations in addition to this, but it is still early on the public. You will be able to expect a variety of improvements overall this year.

Q. There was a unique theme of events or one adventure content for each phase, and what can I meet in the year of Hydra?

While we are not preparing as much as the previous one, the events of the same level as the grave of fear will be fully expected. In addition, this year’s special event is preparing a variety of special events and other expansion packs can enjoy this content.

Q. The reporting system is scheduled to be applied, but it seems to be virtually a bot (Bot) report. What are the items or processing types that are reported else?

As a game of Blizzard, a lot of benefits is the Battle.net system. Battle.net can take advantage of customer service organization’s public technologies, which can be supported related to reporting. Detailed technology forms are hard to be mentioned, but they are also able to report chat through reporting, but will be able to report forward for players that give or aggressive speaking.

You will be glad to introduce these reporting, and you will be able to enjoy a better game environment through reporting if you are discovered, and discovering inappropriate behavior.

Q. Looking at the new core cards, most of them are composed of original or each expansion’s favorite card. The core set will be updated more appropriate to a particular goal, and what is the key set with any direction?

When the development team discusses a key set, it will be greatly on the three goals. The first goal is to enable new inflows or returners to be easy and enjoyable Hasstone experience in addition to the player who enjoys the existing Hasst1. Even if you start with a deck, you can organize a powerful deck via a key set, and you can easily learn the Hasstone and easy to learn. A legendary sewage for a job is added, which is the case for a keywreck that was incorporated into the core set, but it was adjusted to 9 mana, but it is a compliance with the keywords that are discovered.

The second goal is that the core set design should be consistent with a particular arch type. In the past, but in the future, when you configure a key set, you will try to configure the card for each arch type. In the case of a specific form of play, such a core card, such a core card has been configured to support related arches.

Finally, Has Stone has a goal that allows you to make it pleasure enough. If you play Hauston, you have a specific experience that you have to enjoy when you play this, so you can save these things.

There is a priest, a priest, a brilliant play, a brilliant play, such as a priest, and a festival, and this experience is a continuous play motive. If a warrior is a pleasure to override the enemies that were damaged in a finishing strike, it is an expression that turned to one mana again that it was nuffed with two Mana to save this experience. Through this change, warriors become more enjoyable game experience.

Q. Among the added cards, the card that delays the turn to the latter half of the game through the wall deck or field control (the destruction of the preheat, the madness of the madness of the madness, etc.) is noticed. Field Fight and Long Turn Play Meta?

As this year, the precinctors this year, as they answered in the previous question, focus on the field fighting, and it will be a theme that the normal power penetrates.

Nevertheless, however, certain deck styles do not want to keep advantage. I do not want an aggro deck or control combo to be excessively powerful, and I hope that all Has player can enjoy according to your own style. The fireworks of the destruction of the prehistor or madness will also act as one tool for these plays.

As the specific deck shows the strength, we look forward to the direction of trying to attempt to deck as each style.

Q. As a key card, explorer federation heroes come back, and Pinley also emerged as a new card with a navigation to a sinking city. Does other heroes appear different in the next craftsmanship?

It seems to be difficult to do the spoiler of the expansion pack to be released in the future. (Laughter) In addition to the player, it is true that the development team has a big affection for the explorer federation.

Finley, which appears in this expansion pack, will be able to have a quite interesting experience, and if you have a chance, you will notice that other explorer federations will be presented.

** Q. The core set card of the priest is full of really useful things. Is it a compensation for the card of the existing Miracle priest, such as the Nazmani Blooming, Sedeck,

The goal of penetrating when designing a key set was falling well with the priesthood. The core card of the priest thinks that this occupation is well configured well with the archetype of the job. Especially, you will be able to enjoy a deck that utilizes the dramatic via this core set.

It is difficult to use this priesthood archipelago how to use the best performance, but it is difficult to say that secret, but in the new expansion pack, it is also effective to link to the new expansion pack and link to 1 mana orders. I can say that it is just a good time to make a joyful experience overall of Hydra.

Q. Reno Jackson returned, but can I see the highlander-related support card later?

It is unfortunate, but it would be difficult to make a spoiler about the content. As a developer and player who makes Hasston directly, affection for highlander cards such as Reno Jackson or Great Zephers, is not only players, but also in the development team. Rather, it will be strange if these cards do not emerge.

I think that this loved highlander mechanism will continue to meet in the future.

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Q. Finally, let’s comment on Korean fans?

[Edward] Thank you for playing Has St1. I am looking forward to having a pleasant experience in the new expansion pack, and I wish to play with the draw and play of those who participate in the Asian Games National Certification.

[Nathan] I also wish the play of players participating in Asian games. I hope that all players who play Hasston will be able to meet all of the city confessions. I hope you have a new card, a core set.