The most recent superhero film Morbius has been reading negative criticisms since his launch, which sometimes even fail catastrophic. For such platforms, such as rotted tomatoes, the current average at just 16 percent approval , which throws a very bad picture on the film. But how is it the director with this negative feedback? He has recently expressed himself on this topic.

That says the director of Morbius to criticize

MORBIUS Director Tries To Explain The Mid Credits Scenes AND FAILS
In an interview with the magazine insider Daniel Espinosa explained that in the face of the negative criticism for Morbius, he was not particularly worried and he could handle relatively well. He himself is also very self-critical ** at his work.

_ “When I made my first little movie called ‘Babylon Disease’, I can remember a drive home with the subway. At that time I was a bit drunk. Someone has started me in the train and said I have to tell you What’s wrong with the second scene in your movie ‘and I react with’ Well, okay ‘. What I want out: It’s strange to do something so publicly. Look, I wear a lot of self-hatred with me ‘That’s why I am very critical of my own work. I always focus on becoming better. But at the same time I’m proud of what I do. There are parts in all my films I’m really proud of. ” _

How successful is Morbius?

Since the theatrical release, the superhero film Morbius (Buy Now 34.99 €) worldwide has been playing a bit above $ 86 million , which should certainly be disappointing for Marvel conditions. The total budget for production is allegedly at about $ 75 million, so the film has at least once the basic costs recorded. Currently he stands in 1st place of US kinocharts. Whether this is enough to bring more films with Morbius on the canvas is more than questionable.

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