The responsible persons at Amazon recently released the roadmap for the law popular MMORPG Lost Ark for the months of April and May. Probably the most interesting novelty for April should be the new class lance carrier. This has been part of the game in other regions such as Korea, and enjoys great popularity.

Lance master and destroyer announced for the next few months

The lance carrier is a new class for all martial artists, and makes their opponents look old using a combination of spear and Gleve. Overall, the lance carrier, or also called “Glavier”, is quite fast, and probably should be quite interesting for many players. Write the developers themselves: “The shorter spear is used to unleash a mad bombardment in the storming, while the longer Gleve is released in focusing graceful lethal strokes and powerful attacks”.

Many players from Smilegates MMORPG understandably enjoy that they can try this popular class already in April themselves, and the developers also promised a Feiton PowerPass that directly misses an item level of 960 to a character of your choice. So if you think about playing the Lance Master as Main class, you do not have to play through all content again.


Quality-of-Life improvements, two new classes, a completely new continent, and the prospect of publishing the first Legion Raid Valtan. Actually, the new roadmap fulfills pretty much most wishes of the community. Why not all players are happy about these new announcements, you will learn on the next page.

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