There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each level of Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. One by completing the level, three by filling the bolt indicator until you reach True Jedi, one for collecting all miniKits and one by completing the three level challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain all miniKits and challenges, as well as we will also describe which characters are unlocked when completing the Better Call Maul level in episode I.


Better call maul minikit # 1

Towards the end of the level, when Darth Maul runs towards the laser doors, you should see that one of the square panels on the floor is different from others. If you attacked it, it will reveal a grip point that you can use to get the minikit. Note: This requires that you are at play free as a character with grip skill.

Minikit # 2 of Better Call Maul

On the upper walkway on the right from where you started, you will find this minikit floating on an empty platform. Break the things that embrace the platform and build the four buttons. You must obtain the boxes of the near elevator and use the strength to take them to this platform. You will only need two, since your other character can stand on one of the buttons, but be careful. It is easy to destroy the boxes and you only have 3 in total, so be sure not to drop them. Remember to leave them instead of throwing them.

Minikit n. 3 of Better Call Maul

At the beginning of the level, after you defended Darth Maul for the first time, you can go around the area behind where you started the level. In this alcove there is a jump puzzle that requires you to go to pull several platforms down so you can climb by them. At the top you will find your minikit.

Minikit n. ° 4 of Better Call Maul

In the final section of the level you are fighting against Darth Maul, you can fall inside the big hole in the ground to find another hidden minikit. You can use the shelves around the edge to obtain it, or simply take a leap of faith. Anyway, it will only cost you a few stallions.

Minikit n. ° 5 by Better Call Maul

There are 5 cleaning droids distributed between the walkways where you fight against Darth Maul at the beginning of the level. You can find the first next to the elevator that Maul for the first time to escape from you. The next one can be found when you face MAul on the walkway above. Take the control of Obi Wan and completely ignore your enemy and start moving towards the camera. You should be able to follow the gateway and find another cleaning droid. After pursuing Maul to the bottom again, keep the gong until he blocks your way. Go to the left footbridge to find the next cleaning droid, then go up to the elevator nearby to find another. The last one is on the opposite side of Darth Maul, but you must pass it from the distance to avoid continuing the fight.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker Better Call Maul level challenges

  • Complete Mau – For this challenge, you must eliminate Darth Maul in less than 10 minutes, but it is not a great challenge whenever you concentrate on hunting it instead of exploring the level.
  • Forced to exit – pushes 5 droids out of the walkway with your powers of strength. Literally, simply hold the force button to pick them up, then point towards the shelf and touch the right trigger to launch them.
  • odds stacked in your favor – Towards the end of the level, when Darth Maul prevents you from moving forward, use your strength powers to raise one of the boxes right towards the electrical danger below. Then, use it to jump twice to the next platform, jumping a good part of the level.

Lego Star Wars: La Saga Skywalker Unlocking Better Characters Call Maul

You will get enough characters for finally put an end to Darth Maul:

  • Obi-Wan (Episode I)
  • Qui Gon.
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth maul with hood
  • Droideka.

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