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\ – Metropolitan area maximum fusion game show. Official homepage open and ready to hold in full-fledged

** \ – Export Consultation and Exhibition Exhibitors Apply for April 15 through the homepage playx4.or.kr

\ – Microsoft, etc. 28 countries, more than 150 overseas companies’ decisions

\ – On offline exemption consultation, exhibition and game E sports festival concurrently held

The largest fusion game show ‘2022 plays’ from the metropolitan area returns to the offline event in two years. The latest official We opened the homepage and have entered the preparation of a full-scale prescription, including recruiting the domestic participation business until 15th.

The Gyeonggi Province hosted, and the KINTEX, and KINTEX, the KINTEX, was held in 2020 due to Corona, and in 2021, in 2021, only the Corona was able to conduct the Corona’s district.

It is the explanation of Gyeonggi Province, as long as we waited for three years.

The Export Council (B2B) will be held on May 12, 13, and the exhibition (B2C) will be held at KINTEX 2, 2, from May 12 to 15, from May 12 to 15th. In 2021, the 68 universities and 1,740 people participated in the E-Sports Festival (Suluta Metropolitan A Sports Festival) will be held at the same time as the Play Expo and will be able to offer a more rich sights.

In the case of export counseling, we have already confirmed that more than 150 companies have already participated in a total of 28 countries such as China, Japan, and Europe, North America, and Middle East, including Japan, Japan, North America and the Middle East.

Overseas buyers participating in the 2022 Play Expo are showing a higher participation in the offline. If you look at the main participants, in Japan, Konami, Nintendo, a famous game manufacturer, and Conami participated.

In the United States, Microsoft’s Xbox, Publisher Nicalis, which is enthusiastic about the world’s indie game system, San Francisco representative game Skiston Games, Eastern Europe’s largest game Huz Games, and the largest emerging market in the game industry, The buyers who want to play genres have decided to participate.

Especially, China’s Big Bay byte Dance, Aichi, Cir Viriri, and Chon, who have sufficient investment, are expected to be a great help to participate in participation developers.

The export counseling will proceed to the on-offline parallel and provide interpretation and beadmatches by default for domestic developers participating. In particular, online beadmatches are scheduled to support 24 hours considering the business hours of overseas game distribution / distribution representatives such as Americas / Europe. In addition, the developer who received the developer who received on the first served basis, a benefit of supporting the game promotional video shooting and promoting overseas media (North America, Southeast Asia).

il-san city

The exhibition also proceeds to on-offline parallel. Offline exhibitions are scheduled to introduce new genres such as computer and mobile games as well as console, arcade, indie games, and board games, and will have a place to gather directly with the game mania.

In 2021, Pohexo TV has secured more than 1 million unique viewers. In 2022, the Twitch ‘Playfip Tv’ plans to offer a variety of sights, as well as Luriicon, as well as new games, e-sports competitions, and streamer events.

The charm of play esphones is that everyone can experience a healthy and entertaining game any1. This PlaylExo is planning an event that can be explored by game cultural seminars and game programs. This year, the E-Sports Festival held the disabled, general, and college student e-sports competitions to ensure that everyone enjoying the game was enrolled in the E-Sports Competition.

Kohexo Participation Investment Companies can participate through online homepage by April 15. The participant who wants to participate in Play Expo is available for pre-registration until May 11th.

The application of application may be used as the Pleexo Operations Agency (Export Consultation, 02-6941-2989 / Exhibition 031-995-8162).