Rift Apart devs criticize Insomniac leadership for work erasure
Sam Maggs, scriptwriter and principal responsible for the narrative of Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension , has declared through Twitter that his work has been “erased”. The news arrives within the framework of the GDC, where Mark Stuart, insomniac’s main designer, gave a talk about the game in which he explained some of his elements.

Before this conference, Maggs responded through the thread that you have higher than it is “quite annoying and frankly offensive” that it was not included to give the talk next to Stuart. In addition, he has added that her work “was completely erased” and is not even accredited as a writer or scriptwriter, but it only appears mentioned in “special thanks”, something he considers that he leaves her in a secondary place. Maggs, in fact, had an important role in the character of Rivet, the counterpart of Ratchet, since, according to him he explains, he “created his personality from scratch.”

As it indicates on your tweet, it is not only an isolated problem, but that “this talks about a broader problem of game developers, which are completely deleted from the narrative of their own work once they come out of A study”.

In another independent thread, Maggs wanted to take advantage of some details about the creation of Rivet. The basic ideas were that he had the name of a tool or mechanism, which were only two syllables by sonority and that ended with a strong sound, something that made them shuffle names like Hammer, Socket and Gadget. In addition, and although it is not related to any of the events of the game, he added that Rivet was conceived to be canonically lesbian.