Hoyoverse under fire for what they just did to Yae Miko
The community of Genshin Impact spent months waiting for the arrival of yae miko . The character gained protagonism in history for her relationship with Shogun Raiden and the past of Inazuma. However, the arrival of her to the game as good as many expected. It is true that she is still very dear to everyone, but as for her’s playability, she is something confusing her mechanics and her lack of power caused her not to fulfill the expectations. A situation that left her very down in the Tier List for what we expected from her and led to hook again to make a great change with which she did not finish hitting.

the polemic of Yae Miko and its changes

The great adjustment received by Yae Miko with the Update 2.6 that introduced Kamisato Ayato and Sima was related to her elementary ability. In an attempt to improve it, the pursuit system of enemies of ** cherry kitsune annihilator was changed from HoyOverse. The goal was that the ability was easier to predict and attacked the nearest enemies at all times, but the result was not positive for the character. Instead, it prevented from causing great damage to rivals further than, in some cases, tend to be the most dangerous.

Given the circumstances, from HoyOverse you have wanted to apologize for the situation. Developers acknowledge have failed to the goal of it by not taking into account possible results in all combat situations. In this way, in a next update that will arrive on Wednesday, April 6, changes will be reverted to the character . This situation that will not prevent them from remaining looking as to improve it in a subtle way so that she can ascend some other place in the Tier List. This process will be carried out longer and as a result there will be a widespread improvement of the testing phases and decision makers for Genshin Impact.

Finally, from HoyOver know that the apologies are not always enough and will carry out a distribution of 100 free protogems for all players who initiate session since the mentioned patch until Saturday, April 9. A small watcher to compensate for the inconvenience caused by this situation with which the problems are digested in a somewhat sweater. The truth is that we would like Yae Miko to be one of the characters “Top” of Genshin Impact given the importance of it and, although she is viable even in the spiral of the abyss, her improvements will have to wait a little more.