As a council, it considers Julian Nagelsmann to “show the new stadium of Freiburg so that we also try to win”. On Saturday (15.30, live! At Julian), FC Bayern is for the first time in the Europa Park Stadium of the SC and wants to submit there before Borussia Dortmund receives RB Leipzig in the evening RB Leipzig.

What can we expect from Robert Lewandowski vs. Freiburg? | ESPN FC
With which eleven the Munichner incurred in Breisgau, should be open until shortly before kick-off. On the one hand, some players on the cant, on the other hand, the Champions League quarterfinals at Villarreal on Wednesday. “We would make a mistake when we spare too many players,” says Nagelsmann.

Nevertheless, the FCB coach could not come around one or the other change. Robert Lewandowski plagues problems on the rib that do not allow two-fighting. “That’s an unpleasant job,” says Nagelsmann and announces a decision for the matchday. “We are not going to be a risk. I already assume that he will be in the squad.”

Unexpectedly on the cant may be Leon Goretzka, which lasted its long-lasting patella tendon problems at last and has been fully coinced again, but now brake muscular problems on the hip. “I would like to play him,” says Nagelsmann, “but we have to look.”

Niklas Sule, before the country game phase with a light muscle fiber rupture except battle, should “get in any case playing time,” announces Nagelsmann. Whether the central defender begins, however, remains open. The same applies to Joshua Kimmich, who still expects offspring. At the sixth club and players have set a deadline on Saturday, possibly travels Kimmich.