Drakania - New Class Story Trailer | Black Desert
As you know, the new extension of Black Desert appears on April 6, 2022. Eternal winter has a whole range of new features in the luggage. For example, the region of eternal winter, an optional starter experience for beginners and an extensive quest campaign around the witch Illezra, who wants to unleash an antique power.

Drakania – the new class of Black Desert

Another highlight of the extension should be the new class Drakania, and exactly the status recently in focus of the second episode of the community livestream Calpheon. Here are the most important corner data for the style:

  • Like the Gardia, the Drakania is a decommes of the dragons. However, while the guardian is descending from Labreska, the new class belongs to Market Hanan. One is a destroyer of Ynix, while the other tries to protect Ynix. We also see this conflict in the new story trailer to the Drakania:

  • The Drakania sets the two-hand shift Slayer in melee. Her arsenal consists of rechargeable attacks, jump attacks, combos and more. But see yourself:

  • The designers designate the side hand weapon “Shard” as a heart of Slayer. By attacks with Shard, you suck your enemies of energy that you can use to strengthen your Drakania.
  • From today, March 30, 2022, buyers of enlargement can already pretend their Drakania and thus secure a name before the launch of the add.

Incidentally, we were able to play a few days on the test server in eternal winter and try the Drakania in practice. Over the week, we summarize all our impressions in a large preview article on the new extension of Black Desert. Are you looking forward to the eternal winter?

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