If the next output of Immortal Diablo on iOS and Android does not cause a delirious interest in your purist soul, perhaps a new quarterly report on Diablo 4 will do the trick. In this new publication, Blizzard executives focus on the open world’s environments of this new opus, supported videos.

The structure of Diablo 4 will be that of an open world composed of five main areas, including the coast of Scosglen whose wet surfaces can be admired among the videos proposed here. Each zone will offer many interactive and destructible elements, and the artists also focus on giving life to these places by means of elements of dynamic decorations, such as the boats that will be the vague on the coast of Scosglen. Depending on the regions of the world that it explores, the player will also find significant variations in lighting and weather, contrasts that we can already feel between the drought of the Orbei Monastery and the Kyovashad Medieval Medieval Village.

Diablo IV & Diablo Immortal: НОВЫЕ ПОДРОБНОСТИ

Diablo 4 will also creek under the random dungeons, mixture of artisanal and procedural creation. They are more than 150 and rest on what Blizzard calls environments sets. “The dungeons will offer innovative features like fluid transitions between instantaneous floors and teleports, but my favorite novelty is the ability to make a transition between two different environments within the same dungeon. Imagine traveling. An encrypt, when you fall on a hole in the wall that naturally leads into a large network of caves. All without renouncing the random generation that modifies the dungeon to each exploration_ “, explains Brian Fletcher, Deputy Artistic Director responsible for environments.