No surprise, the “EA Sports FC” brand filed last fall by Electronic Arts will be the future name of the football games known as “FIFA” for decades, according to the information obtained by Journalist Jeff Grubb.

“_Ea sports football club, ea sports fc, it’s the name of the game. I have seen the registered trademarks and I thought it’s just that it could just be a functionality as an online fashion, but I learned myself On this subject and that’s it, it’s the name, “said Jeff Grubb into his podcast. According to him, this great change of identity could take place this year, even if the contract between EA and FIFA is supposed to expire only at the end of the World 2022 in Qatar, which would allow EA to use the four magic letters One last time for FIFA 23.

Four emblematic letters but cost expensive for finally not much, deplore the direction of Electronic Arts. In terms of license, the Alliance with FIFA only covers the official use of the World Cup, all other licenses (players, clubs, stadiums, championships) being the fruit of hundreds of other partnerships that do not will not vanish at the same time as relations with FIFA.

The Electronic Arts bet may seem to risk at first sight, especially since other publishers will have the freedom to resume the name FIFA for their football games if they pose the price, but the publisher is convinced (probably to Reason) that his fame does not rest on the present name on the jacket and that his experience in football games will be immediately recognized by the public even after this future change of name. A name change that could disorient part of the public, which is used to “se make a small FIFA” since the 1990s, but probably temporarily and finally negligible.

What The Hell Is Happening Between EA And FIFA?
According to the information previously reported by the New York Times, the FIFA would have tried to negotiate an increase in prices for the use of its name, passing the bill to $ 2.5 billion for a new 10-year contract. Behind the divorce, the divorce seems already pronounced, while CEO Andrew Wilson explained to the staff that the FIFA license became “an obstacle” to the football ambitions of EA. According to Wilson, the instance of football prevents from developing the contents of his game as he sees fit, to the point of qualifying the intake of FIFA as “ a simple name on a box.“.