The essence of the darkness is one of several entities with which you may encounter on the moon in Destiny 2. And, as with any other entity, it also falls out of the shadowkeep campaign from it. The weapon about which is in question, it’s every moment of wakefulness gun-machine gun, weapon, not inferior to the anger of the Sayura. Although we know how to get SMG Every Waking Moment, that’s how you can get Essence of Obscurity.

Solo Dawning Essence Farm - Fast Loot and Dawning Spirit

So that this essence fell, you will have to hold the plundering of chests on the moon . Exploring the moon in Destiny 2, you will notice a few enemies with a yellow stripe wandering around the world. Win them, and then take the chest, which they dropped. You must receive Essence of Obscurity from one of these chests. If you are lucky, you can also get this essence from the chests dropping out of public events as well as lost sectors .

Keep in mind that the chance of loss of Essence of Mraka is quite low . Thus, you may need to farm the chests mentioned above, quite many times to get this essence. But as soon as you got the essence and fulfilled the entire quest once, you can simply re-get it again and execute it for the best throws every Waking Moment. You no longer need to farm essence.

Now that you know how to get Essence of Obscurity, find out how to get SMG Every Waking Moment in Destiny 2 in professional guides on the game.