Chuhai Labs and Thunderful have announced that CURSED TO GOLF will be launched this summer in Switch, Xbox and PC. In Steam, in addition, the game can be tested for a limited time with a demo available from now and until next day 27.

The demo wants to “give an idea” of how the game works, from the beginning and even the first great boss, the Scotsman. “Defeating it is the first real proof of the golf purgatory,” says the press release. This first world seeks to be a sample of what the loop of the game offers, in which to lose and start again has great presence.

Cursed to Golf - Release Date Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

This trial version has, as we say, days counted: 27 in the afternoon will stop being available.

In Cursed to Golf we assumed the role of a golfer trapped in the golf purgatory, which he has descended after falling dead by lightning. To make a return to the living kingdom and undo the curse that retains it, it will be necessary to cross the 18 holes-dungeon that make up the game, full of obstacles and traps, as well as defeating fearsome bosses. For this he tells, yes, with the help of a series of special skills that allow him to make impossible shots, altering the trajectory of the ball or even stopping time.