the BTS rabbit hole: mastering fandom cultivation

[Eye News 24 Park] T1 will open the membership service platform that utilizes the non-propagation of non-propensive lens. It is a plan to support the fans to support the player closer through the platform.

Fandom business professional start-up Bamyphive lenses and T1 have signed the May Convention last year to build a fandom platform that can communicate with global fandoms. Since then, the two companies explained that they have envisioned and developed a way to implement exclusive content, differentiated membership services, such as community space, non-Hind Images, and differentiated membership services.

T1 plans to provide a space that a player and a fan can communicate directly on a member of the membership platform, and it plans to use a variety of measles, including unpublished photographs and images such as a “The Locker Room” unpublished cut. Based on the overall fandom expertise and technical solutions supported by Bis Folk Platform Builder Bistay, T1-only differentiated platforms and service operations have been made.

Joe Marsh T1, “T1 is a global e-sports leader,” the source of power that can continue competitiveness and congestion as a sports leader is for fans who love and cheer T1, “said,” “Players and fans are all closer to each other’s mind I am very happy to have a member of the membership service and platform that I can feel and express and represent, “he said.

“E-sports industry’s unique pandemia,” E-sports industry’s unique fandom fandoms have special values, “T1 has been found and implemented early,” T1 and fans I will not stop supporting to help to add value to the love things. “