The developers of Bungie are always busy to fix well-known problems in the Loot Shooter Destiny 2. And one of these well-known problems is particularly annoying if guardians are looking for high-stat equipment with values ​​of 60+ (and in the right distribution) – and they are as good as always. But the problem: The dealers in Destiny 2, including the dealers in the tower such as Ada and also Xûr, currently sell only Grüd… So arms whose values ​​are all under 50.

Why that is so, the makers of Destiny 2 do not reveal. Also in the exotic section of the known problems of year 5 is noted that the exotic armor, which Sells Xûr has too low stats. Accordingly, you know as a diligent guardian now: The problem with the rolls is known and as long as nothing happens in the spot, you do not need to drive daily distributors such as Failsafe or Devrim. The armor is just once… Well… shit. By the way, you do not need to start the dealers if you use the Destiny 2 Companion App. If you have logged in to your Bungie account, you can also study the offer of all dealers on the smartph1. Below you will find other well-known problems, among other things with spotless in the trials.

More familiar mistakes of Destiny 2

The increased occurrence of error code MARMOT is also known as a problem for fans of the exams of Osiris. Because they receive no weapons or other bonuses after reaching spotless after victory. Here’s the overview of Destiny 2’s current problems (Buy 34.80 €), where bungie is crafted.

  • The TRIUMPH of the synapse fanatic can not be unlocked with some characters after you have released 25 artifact mods. Players can play as alternative characters to complete this triumph if the characters have not yet unlocked all mods. We examine a solution in the event that all characters have unlocked the mods and have not yet received the triumph.

Bungie OFFICIALLY Responds To Copy Strike Controversy! THEY ARE INNOCENT!
* The armor offered by the dealers has low stat rolls.
* These include the dealers of the tower as well as Xûr.
* We continue to examine the increased occurrence of the MARMOT error codes.
* Season 15 Scout and Season 14 Light Volk Armor Sets can not be used as ornaments if previously unlocked by armor synthesis.

  • The yellow subtitles on the PS5 platform are either not to see or do not appear anymore and are only displayed as a white text.
  • Players: Inside, which are spotless in the exams, do not receive weapons or bonuses after their victory.
  • Player: Inside, no Mementos receive in the exams of Osiris.
  • Player: Inside, there is no progress distortion for “donors of the student” RAID accompanies.
  • Some players: inside can not change their bungie name.
  • The badge “Part of us” does not appear in the collections.

An overview of the current problems with Loot Shooter Destiny 2 always ears you on the summit name mentioned above. These include bugs, which ensure that players are stuck in the Urquell under barricades. The most complete and the latest overview is in English original, but you can switch to the top right of the bungie page in German. Then the information may not be complete.

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