The Reveal Season of the Coming Hearthstone Extension Travel to the sunken city is in full swing. That means every day new servants and spells come to the daylight. Today we introduce you to a typical priest servant for the endgame, which is likely to happen some WOW player known. The Schwawastungsetüm was in Battle for Azeroth the second boss in Azshara’s eternal palace and now falls into the hands of Hearthstone’s priest players.

Wronchi Card Reveal | Seeking Guidance in Stormwind

The SchwaWaferungsetüm (Blackwater Behemoth) of Queen Azshara costs eight mana and owns the values ​​ 8/10 . His skills are Life Sentencug and Colossal + 1 . 8 Mana is of course a lot that makes priest decks with much healing and all sorts of tricks to call great servants earlier on the board (for example, with insight or shadow essence) but nothing.
Blackwater Behemoth. Colossal +1. Lifesteal. Beast. Source: Blizzard
Thanks to life-ending (damage caused in healing is converted), you would have to worry about 8 attack points of the Schwawastungsprüms for your life spots.

Colossal – only one half of the waxing

Colossal is one of the new keywords in travel to the sunken city. Servant With the keyword Colossal have additional limbs , which form powerful synergies with their main body. These limbs are called together with the main body , even if the colossal servant was not played out of hand. What you see here is so only a part of the Schwawastungsetüm. What probably the other part of this mighty servant does?! How do you find this new priest servant and what should your opinion be the second colossal effect? ​​

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