Rafael van der Vaart’s first home game as an interim trainer of the Danish second division Esbjerg FB has been overshadowed by fan riots.

The game against Lyngby BK had to be interrupted twice as followers of Esbjerg had thrown firecrackers on the field. In the end, both teams brought the game to an end, where they contracted each other’s ball. Lyngby won 3: 0.


About ten minutes before the half-time referee Jonas Bögelund sent shortly to Lynbys leadership and a place of reference against Esbjerg the players for the first time in the cabin. Shortly before the end, Bögelund interrupted the game again and wanted to stop the game. The players persuaded the impartial obviously to return to the field and to move the ball as a protest against the behavior of the trailer.

Van der Vaart had taken together with Michael Kryger a few weeks ago the succession of the released Roland Vrabec. In the first game you reached a 0-0 in Horsens, whereby Esbjerg missed the rise round. The ex-HSV professional lives at Denmark’s west coast, as his partner Estavana Polman is active there as a handball professional player.