Developer’s Red Candle Games officially announced the 2D action adventure game “ Nine Sols ” currently under development on March 18 and released the game outline. At the same time, cloud fundling is also started to raise the development cost of this work.

Taiwan based in Taiwan is known by having a horror game such as “returned school-DETENTION-” and “repeated Devotion”. On the other hand, in this new work, we challenge the action game development that is one of the characteristic battle elements of “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”.

The stage of “Nine Sols” is a vast area called new 崙. The gods gave a promise of promises called Momoka Village in this place, and the residents have continued to protect the ancient people from ancient times. This sacred ritual is hardly believed that it is protected from various evils.

And again this year, the season of the festival is approaching, and when the villagers worked for preparation, the peaceful everyday will be broken. Because the forgotten British male ー woke up from a long long sleep, a big wake has come to the flow of “road”. The main character of this work is this e. He travels a revenge trip to the nine sun who is cured the new 崙 to realize the justice of himself.

This work is a side view action game. The player operates e-fighting traps placed on the stage, and fights against the enemy that will attack one after another. As the basic action of Eey, there are slashing using a sword, a long distance attack at the bow and arrow, an attack avoidance in a dash, and a two-stage jump. And it is said that the nucleus in the battle is “play” faster.

If you activate the game at an accurate timing for enemy attacks, energy (air) is stored at the same time as paris. Its energy can be consumed by a more skilled curse dash and a streak blast. It is a technique that pastes a curse when slipping the enemy with a dash, and sends energy to the enemy’s body in the enemy’s body, explosion and damaging significant damage. There is also a risk to aim for play, but this series of attacks will be the strongest technique in this work.

Enemy characters have a genetically engineered guardman or an unknown ancient organism, and have different attack patterns. And, the bosses and nine sunshines waiting at the end of each chapter are also characterized by their unique combat styles.

You can earn an experience value each time you defeat the enemy, and goes up if you exceed a certain value. At the same time, a point called an oriented point is available. By consuming this orbody, it will be a permanent upgrade of either, such as strengthening various body articles and technical equations. It seems that something like a so-called skill tree is available.

Besides, special items called balls that give either a different passive skills. When you collect balls, it will bring unexpected strategic dominance depending on the phase of the battle. There is also a money as money that can be used for strengthening equipment and fabrication of tools.

The new 崙崙, which is the stage of this work, is composed of 10 areas, and each area can be transported on transport pipes and roads. There are environments and buildings that are distinctive to each, and secrets and treasures are also hidden. In addition, in the middle of the trip, there are also encounters with various NPCs and can be contracted by the subquest. This is likely to get rare items or upload equipment. Also, it is also connected to major benefits of advancing the scenario.

The world view expressed in the new 崙崙 is named “Tao Punk”. It is a world that combines the western cyberpunk elements and the elements of Oriental myths and Tao. The expression is hired with analog color graphics plenty, and many of the animations and cut scenes that have been inspired by Japanese animation and manga will appear.

Music is also a traditional instrument and a contemporary electronic music, synthesizer, and traditional music in various Asia. “I have never heard of listening, but for some reason” I want to experience the vast world view of Tao Punk, and at the same time I want to express the lyricality of the game.

For “Nine Sols”, the Cloud Funding Campaign is underway at the official shop of the developer Red Candle Games. The site’s appearance is a shape that conforms to Kickstarter, and the initial target amount is 3 million units of dollar (about 13 million yen). 450 This work is available with investment in more than 500 yen (about 1900 yen). The scheduled shipping time is 2023 second quarter.

Developer is already working on the production of this work and is producing this work, and regardless of the result of the cloud fundling, this work is completed and released. This work is a new game genre and a large work for the studio, so it seems that a cloud funding was conducted to get feedback. However, if many investments are obtained, it is possible to connect to level up of the entire work.

“Nine Sols” is developing for PC / MAC (STeam) and “Nintendo and Sony Game Machine”. The concrete platform of the console version is to be confirmed after the completion of the game. Also, the response to Japanese has been determined. Since the cloud funding site also supports Japanese, how is it interested in checking?