98 days after the memorable final in Abu Dhabi fight the Formula 1 drivers for points again. A rule Revolution to the motorsport pinnacle balanced and make absorbing. Will Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher in the first Grand Prix on Sunday (16 pm CET LIVE! At Hamilton) benefit in Bahrain?

one recognizes the Formula 1 yet again?

Many things are new for the radical cure. The front wings have been simplified, the rear wing are curved and revised side pods. Overall, the aerodynamic revolution, is to ensure that the distance between leading and last shrinks. Formula 1 will be exciting. After the controversial Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi also a new race control was used. This has yet to import. Then the tires are new: Instead of the balloon-like 13-inch tires are 18-inch tires. In Guanyu Zhou, a Chinese gets at Alfa Romeo even the first time a tribe cockpit in F1.

Will the World Cup between Verstappen and Hamilton decided?

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) have delivered a breathless last season until the memorable final in Abu Dhabi World Cup duel. Verstappen snatched actually only on the last round of his first title – Hamilton it would record championship number eight was. “I still feel that I am near the top,” said the 37-year-old Hamilton. The 24-year-old Verstappen wants its own World Cup era dominate. but there might be surprises. Charles Leclerc, for example, graduated in Ferrari strong tests. But these trials are of limited significance because the teams still wanted to show their full potential.

Which teams will bring big updates for the Bahrain F1 test?

What can be expected of the German pilots?

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) and Mick Schumacher (Haas) two German race drivers are. Vettel is the experienced four-time world champion who wants to make the step to a top team with the English factory team. Ideally, podiums and maybe even victories this season for the 34-year-olds in there. The tests in Bahrain did not support this hope at first. Schumacher is the inexperienced 22-time Grand Prix participant who intends to enter his first points in the motorsport pinnacle. His US team holds thanks to the Ferrari engine after all, as a possible surprise team.

As the track is assessed?

The drivers know the Bahrain International Circuit well. Until a few days ago they completed nor the official tests in the stone desert of Sakhir. The approximately 30 kilometers from the capital Manama distant floodlit course belongs since 2004 to the racing calendar and even remains until 2036 integral part. The 5.412 km long route is varied: there are long straights, the full-throttle percentage is high. The dry heat and the rough sand that blows onto the track, are challenges.

What effect does the drama of Abu Dhabi?

On the last lap of the last race of the season snatched Verstappen Hamilton the title, was possible only because race director Michael Masi expanded the rules maximum. The Australian has now lost his job, the German Niels Wittich and the Portuguese Eduardo Freitas accept. In addition, a video center will support in the background, similar to the “Cologne Keller” in football. The contact to the race directors is limited, often there had been here a kind of mass confrontation in the radio. And in the regulations a key word has been changed. After a safety car use “all” lapped cars ( “all cars”) will now return to their positions before the restart, before it was significantly less accurate “any cars”. This distinction had made in Abu Dhabi for that Verstappen was still enough time for the decisive attack on Hamilton.