Saudi wealth fund chief on five-year plan to reach $1 trillion assets under management
Public Investment Fund, PIF (PIF) has been added to Nexon’s shareholder, and in fact, Nexon’s two shareholders.

(16th), PIF has been disclosed in the Japanese disclosure information system (Edinet) to increase the stake of Nexon from 7.09% to 8.14%. Until now, PIF is a total of 73,158,500 shares of San Nexon. PIF has been in January since January, and to invest in Nexon, According to the disclosure, from January 25th to March 10, it is a day to buy Nexon’s stock without falling away.

Nexon’s one shareholder is holding 28.6% of Nexon’s stake in NXC, NXC. The two shareholders are NXMH B.V., NXMH B., which is a Belgian subsidiary of the Brussels, which holds 100% NXC, and 18.8%. Given that NXMH B.V. is a subsidiary of NXC, it is a member of the Japanese Master Trustbank of Japan, which has 8.1%, and the PIF is a shareholder.

The PIF led by Mohammed Empty Saudi Wang Wangsu is one of the largest local funds in the world. It was reported to reach about $ 480 billion (about 593 trillion won) for operating funds. Based on these overwhelming funds, PIF has been in a variety of investments. In relation to the game, I have invested in Capcom, EA, Take Take, including Activision Blizzard, and I have recently been acquired by SNK recently.

Meanwhile, earlier, PIF has increased by NCsoft’s stake in NCsoft on the 10th, and has a second largest shareholder, followed by Kim Taek-jin, which has 11.97%.