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It ran the 27th minute in Heidenheim, when Tobias Mohr escaped on the left and flanked the ball in front of the goal. Jan Schöplner went to the ball as well as Bremens Marco Friedl, who then clarified in time, but also injured himself at the hip. The 23-year-old was quick to realize that it would not go on for him. SVW-Coach Ole Werner brought Felix AGU (32.). What a violation it is, could not be fully clarified immediately after its replacement. It is clear, however, that a failure of Friedl would hit the Bremer defensive though. The Austrian is regular player and thus contributed significantly to the highway of the Hanseaten, who led them to the top of the second division table. Before kick-off, Werder had already notified that Toprak could not be involved in Heidenheim. The central defender has moved into a muscle injury in the calendar in the final training.