NCsoft will present TJ Sweeth Coupon II and a rare fabrication obstacle through Lineage and Attendance Events from 11th.

About the reward to be provided, NCsoft explained that it was an item that users wanted. On February 18, the official live broadcast was received through Director’s Talk (Director’s Talk), which has been a member of the user, reflecting it, and it has decided to provide the equipment recovery benefits early on the first anniversary.

By connecting to the game by March 30, you can sequentially obtain a variety of compensation, and the TJ coin, which is the 14th day compensation, can be replaced by the TJ Sweet Coupon II.

Coupon is a specific period of use (on November 4, 2021 to 20:00 on March 202, 2022) Failed to strengthen the legend / hero / rare grade weapon / armor / ornaments. Users who do not have an item that you want to recover or does not fail to enhance equipment can produce a rare fabricity (stamp) with a coupon.

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