Money, or Peli, are crucial in GPO Roblox. Without it, you will not be equipped with a ship, supplies or weapons. While Higher-level players You can make more Peli, Sale of special items or Passing certain quests and battles , beginners may be more difficult to fill their wallets. Even if you lack the levels, there are other quick and simple ways to increase your earnings and buy what you need.

treasure chests

How To Make MONEY FAST As A BEGINNER In Grand Piece Online - Roblox GPO Guide
One way to get a little Peli is Find a small treasure chest . These chests are scattered along each map in random locations. Just pressing them, you can open them and get a few Peli. They are usually around empty buildings , ruins or hills on each island. They are relatively easy to find, and they are reborn every few minutes or so.

Awards for Quests

Perform quests To quickly cook sang. Some quests require that you only deliver the NPC object or found the lost item somewhere on the island. Returning objects and performing quests, you get a little Peli and a little experience. As soon as you move to a higher level, sang that you get for the performance of quests are increasing.

mining with enemies

Another simple way to make money – fight with some enemies . A victory over the enemy can bring you some mining, and also sang a little each time. Find a place where it is easy Fight with one enemy at a time , and you can go through them, constantly increasing the total quantity. As soon as you get to a decent level, the battle with the enemies of a higher rank will also bring you much more sang.

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