Despite the bumpy start in 2018, Bethesda always stuck to Fallout 76. One heard the feedback from the fans, brought many improvements into the role-playing game and ensures regular seasons and events that there is always something in Appalachia.

And one end does not appear in sight. For how Design Director Mark Tucker revealed in an interview, he himself work on a 5-year roadmap.

The further you look at the roadmap, the most blurred will be, because you would constantly adapt things, even with regard to what the players want.

“The funny thing is when I could show you what stands on this other monitor here would like to see it, because it’s a five-year plan I work. We have long-term plans, and things will be a little blur, the farther we go, because we adapt them, depending on what appears and we see what the players want and what they do. “

“The message to our players is: There is no reason to believe that we will not update the game further. We do a lot to make sure we can continue to update the game over a long period of time. We have a lot of funny, cool things, of which I can not wait to tell people. Things going beyond this year. “

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