On the agenda of Presidential Candidate Peters stands, the various camps in the largest sports federation of the world back to 1. For the past management belongs from his point of view also to draw a final line under the circumstances, which for the resignation of Fritz Keller, Reinhard Grindel, Wolfgang Niersbach and Dr. Ing. Theo Twentier led as DFB president. “I took the initiative and invited them to exchange and dinner,” Peters said. Only Niersbach struck the invitation.

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At the 3.5-hour gathering in Frankfurt “we have achieved a broad consensus,” said Peters. In doing so, one has also discussed “the current processes and the role of Mr. Koch”. Result of this meeting: with Dr. med. Rainer Koch, which runs as Vice President, is not a fresh start at the DFB possible. Keller explained opposite the Reinhard Grindel that the former presidents do not give an election recommendation for a candidate, but still turn to the public before the Bundestag.

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