343 INDUSTRIES Affiliation ** revealed on his own Twitter that he had left the same studio.

Witts involved as a Multi-player lead designer in the “Halo” series for many years, and I am grateful to fans while he honors the team in the tweet. In addition, about the future, it is to take a break for a while for relaxation and charging.

He has ever had a career of “Rainbow Six He Sid” and has a career game play designer, so it’s a good idea to involve the game in the industry in the industry.

343 Industries Versus The World

Historic FPS “HALO” series latest work “Halo Infinite” is on sale for Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store) (Xbox Game Pass compatible). In multiplayer, the battle path of the season 1 “Reach Hero” is delivered until May 2, 2022, and the new season “LONE WOLVES” will be released from May 3rd. . Concept images etc. should be checked from Halo WayPoint (linked English).