It was a catch-up game that Werder Bremen had been in the past season on March 10 at Arminia Bielefeld. With 2: 0, the hanseates won at the time and gained an eleven point pad on the relegation place. “That was not yet the league,” Kohfeldt warned, “but we are in a very good starting position.” The end of history is known. Werder then put on to the dramatic sink flight, Kohfeldt was dismissed a match day before the end of the season, Werder rose a few days later.

Werder Bremen: Goodbye, Florian Kohfeldt! Die besten Momente, Ausraster und Sprüche des Ex-Coaches!

Now the situation is similar for the coach and the VfL Wolfsburg. Hertha BSC on the relegation platz lost on Saturday with 1: 4 against Frankfurt, the Kohfeldt-Elf in turn celebrated his home win against Union and enlarged the lead on comfortable eight counters.

When asked if his team has adopted from the relegation camp, Kohfeldt thought directly to the past season. At Bremen, to Bielefeld. “Even if the story is told differently. At that time I said: nothing is over.” He formulated after the Werder win although the desire for his team to play a better football, but emphasized several times: “It’s not over yet, we still need points for the league.”

“Nothing is over – we still need points”

So the 39-year-old now estimates the VFL location. “This time I say nothing else: nothing is over. We still need points.” Nevertheless, the situation has improved significantly in recent weeks. DESOLAT, the VFL occurs differently in the end of the pocket or at the beginning of the return in Bochum (0: 1) no longer. “Five Games, Ten Points, shows that we have won stability and attitude,” the coach highlights. The path taken make courage, but: “It’s not over yet.” Kohfeldts Werder warning for Wolfsburg.