A new Steam game compatible with Steam Deck is now available free of charge, courtesy of Valvula, the creators of Steam and Steam Deck. And the new free game is a game derived from Portal. Over the years, Steam has developed and published some legendary games and series, including media life, Left 4 Dead, Contraataque and dota. Not much of this portal and portal 2 though. Unfortunately, there is no news of portic 3 or some reason to wait poric 3 to be done at any time soon. However, what Steam users do is aperture Desk Job, a free game set in the portal universe.

According to Steam, the game has been designed with Steam Deck specifically in mind, providing players a tutorial on the new hardware piece. Therefore, as expected, it is on the shortest side. If it is good or not, we do not know. However, Steam reviews are currently “overwhelmingly positive”, with 97 percent of users qualifying the game positively.

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«Low your expectations: this is not a sequel to portal. Now get ready to upload them a bit, because it is in the expanded universe of those games, “says Valve of the game. _ Desktop work_ Place you directly on the driver’s seat in Aperture Science. Then quickly eliminate the driving part and add a desk facing the seat. “

An official launch of the game continues:

« Opening deskwork reimagin the gender of the simulators of walking that have already been done and place them in the world full of endorphins and lightning lightning sit up still behind things. Play as a gift no one of entry level on your first day of work: Your heart full of hope and your legs full of dreams, anxious to ascend on the corporate scale. But life has other plans, and everyone involves chairs. Designed as a free playable short for the new Steam Deck of Valve, Desk Job guides it through the controls and functions of the handheld, without being as boring as it seems ».

Of course, there is no entrance barrier to use Steam. However, Steam Deck is a different story. Depending on the model, the price varies from $ 399 to $ 529 to $ 649. For more coverage about Steam Deck, Steam and everything related to PC Games, including not just the latest official news, but also the latest unofficial news, click here.