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Darener lacks Dresden against Schalke

“Christoph Darnerner is fine, he has no worse symptoms. His yesterday’s PCR test was then positive,” explained SGD coach Guerino Capretti at the press conference before the 28th matchday.
With Daferner missing the Saxony of Topscorer – 12 goals shot the 24-year-old already, he placed another.
His coach knows that he is an important player for the team.

Nevertheless, Capretti have two ideas in the head he would not reveal.
“On Friday, you know more,” the coach continued.
DaFerner met in the last two second league games against St. Pauli and Nuremberg.
With his goals he secured Dresden one point.
However, there is a pleasing news: Against Schalke, the stadium in Dresden will be full again after two years.

Fc Schalke 04 3:0 Dynamo Dresden
30,000 fans are expected on Friday evening (18.30, live! At Darnerner).

BVB Flirt Kalajdzic rejects very good offer from VFB Stuttgart

At the football Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, the hopes for a contract extension with BVB-Flirt Sasa Kalajdzic has probably abandoned. For the Swabia, the search for a successor is already running.

As the “kicker” reports, Sasa Kalajdzic rejected a “very good offer” designated by VfB Stuttgarts director Sven Mislinat.

Therefore, it is clear that the striker will leave VfB at the end of the season. Although Kalajdzic’s contract is still running until 2023, but without equivalent, the Stuttgart bosses do not want to leave him. As a transfer, the report is at least 20 million euros in the room.

Potential customers for Kalajdzic were most recently traded – everyone forward Borussia Dortmund. At BVB, the Austrian could step in the footsteps of Erling Haaland, the Norwegian should leave the black-yellow in summer.

But the FC Bayern, the AS Rome, Tottenham Hotspur and some other clubs from the Italian series A has already been interested in Kalajdzic.

After a long injury break in the first round, the attacker last reached its full competition hardness again, stood the last four games for the Swabia on the lawn and contributed two goals and two assists.

Wechselt Sasa Kalajdzic für 20 Millionen zum BVB?

Does the VFB Stuttgart have to sell more players in summer?

VfB Stuttgarts director Sven Mislinat finally expressed themselves to the contract situation of Kalajdzic. “We are very relaxed, he is completely relaxed,” the VFB manager was quoted in the “kicker” in early March in the “kicker”.

But according to the latest report of the trade magazine, Mishintat has already launched the search for a successor. Name does not call the leaf.

However, VfB has to sell more players to be able to afford an adequate replacement. Potential selling candidates are Borna Sosa and Orel Mangala.

Black Desert: Drakania

Drakania - New Class Story Trailer | Black Desert
As you know, the new extension of Black Desert appears on April 6, 2022. Eternal winter has a whole range of new features in the luggage. For example, the region of eternal winter, an optional starter experience for beginners and an extensive quest campaign around the witch Illezra, who wants to unleash an antique power.

Drakania – the new class of Black Desert

Another highlight of the extension should be the new class Drakania, and exactly the status recently in focus of the second episode of the community livestream Calpheon. Here are the most important corner data for the style:

  • Like the Gardia, the Drakania is a decommes of the dragons. However, while the guardian is descending from Labreska, the new class belongs to Market Hanan. One is a destroyer of Ynix, while the other tries to protect Ynix. We also see this conflict in the new story trailer to the Drakania:

  • The Drakania sets the two-hand shift Slayer in melee. Her arsenal consists of rechargeable attacks, jump attacks, combos and more. But see yourself:

  • The designers designate the side hand weapon “Shard” as a heart of Slayer. By attacks with Shard, you suck your enemies of energy that you can use to strengthen your Drakania.
  • From today, March 30, 2022, buyers of enlargement can already pretend their Drakania and thus secure a name before the launch of the add.

Incidentally, we were able to play a few days on the test server in eternal winter and try the Drakania in practice. Over the week, we summarize all our impressions in a large preview article on the new extension of Black Desert. Are you looking forward to the eternal winter?

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Lots of video games on offer for PS4 as well as PS5 in PS Store, with our exceptional springtime sales

We saved you the job of looking for the most appealing bargains and, as you can see after that, we leave you a checklist with very interesting offers . Past this, you can check out the PS Shop and uncover a great deal of rebates that can be adjusted more at your design, although there are likewise discounts in between the titles established under the program PS Talents .

And also is that the springtime refunds job: PlayStation welcomes the floral station with many opportunities for its customers to enjoy in between videogames. While this event has simply started, it must be kept in mind that on April 13 there is a title turning with new offers, as well as this whole party will definitely finish the April 27 **.

Lately, PlayStation is except the information. Silver yesterday, the Japanese brand confirmed the presence of the brand-new PS And also subscription service, recognized previously as Spartacus . Beyond this, he has actually left us the 3 video games that will star in the month of April at PS Now . As well as not happy with it, from its workplaces now they welcome us to proceed having fun with a great deal of price cuts in Titles for PS4 as well as PS5.

Blizzard unveils the environments and dungeons of Diablo 4

If the next output of Immortal Diablo on iOS and Android does not cause a delirious interest in your purist soul, perhaps a new quarterly report on Diablo 4 will do the trick. In this new publication, Blizzard executives focus on the open world’s environments of this new opus, supported videos.

The structure of Diablo 4 will be that of an open world composed of five main areas, including the coast of Scosglen whose wet surfaces can be admired among the videos proposed here. Each zone will offer many interactive and destructible elements, and the artists also focus on giving life to these places by means of elements of dynamic decorations, such as the boats that will be the vague on the coast of Scosglen. Depending on the regions of the world that it explores, the player will also find significant variations in lighting and weather, contrasts that we can already feel between the drought of the Orbei Monastery and the Kyovashad Medieval Medieval Village.

Diablo IV & Diablo Immortal: НОВЫЕ ПОДРОБНОСТИ

Diablo 4 will also creek under the random dungeons, mixture of artisanal and procedural creation. They are more than 150 and rest on what Blizzard calls environments sets. “The dungeons will offer innovative features like fluid transitions between instantaneous floors and teleports, but my favorite novelty is the ability to make a transition between two different environments within the same dungeon. Imagine traveling. An encrypt, when you fall on a hole in the wall that naturally leads into a large network of caves. All without renouncing the random generation that modifies the dungeon to each exploration_ “, explains Brian Fletcher, Deputy Artistic Director responsible for environments.

The CUB: Postapokalyptic platform appears for Xbox

The Cub Announcement Trailer | PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox
Developer Demagog Studios (Golf Club: Wasteland) and Publisher Untold Tales introduce the platform game The Cub for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.
The Cub is a story-rich, bang-hard platformer of the old school, which inspired by Sega classics, but was made for today’s time.
In the game where the jungle book meets Armageddon, you are on platforms of your way through the remains of humanity, which are stored with gentle apocalypse melodies and stories.
Announcement Trailer
“Son of No One” Soundtrack-Preview

Fortnite Mainframe Break Pack: How to get it, all items and price

Cosmetics are an integral part of the fortnite experience. You will see Peely The Banana often wearing dental floss or doing some dance Tik Tok at the lobby prior to the game, to Kratos and Master Chief making her best movements or hitting a comic peak. Tea Fortnite Mainframe break package is the last ‘startup package’ that EPIC has launched, and is the second in chapter 3 season 2.

The official description of the package says: “Zoe Clash & Sgt. The Shiba are more than willing to change the protocols in your favor. Make sure they are on your side with the mainframe Break Pack! “

How to get the Mainframe rest package in Fortnite

The Mainframe Break Pack is available at the game goods store right now. You can only buy separately with real life money, instead of V-Bucks, and the included items can not be earned through the game.

*NEW* MAINFRAME BREAK PACK | Before You Buy (Fortnite Battle Royale)

If you already have the Voidlander Pack, you may not see the mainframe break pack in the game articles store. If this is the case, you can go to Xbox Store, PlayStation Store or Epic Games Store and buy it directly from these.

We are aware that it is possible that players who have Voidlander Pack do not see the new Mainframe Break Pack at the game articles store.

The new package is available in the platform stores and will soon be available for all players in the game.

  • State of Fortnite (@fortnitestatus) March 29, 2022

All the elements of the mainframe rest package

Players will get the following items when buying the package:

  • Athen Zoe Clash

  • Sergeant Shiba Back Bling

  • Picido peak and boop

  • ‘Em Up Wrap Sticker

  • Bucks of 600 V

How much does the Fortnite Mainfame Break Pack pack?

It costs $ 3.99 / £ 3.19 Buy at the items store, which is a pretty good value since you get four cosmetics and 600 v-bucks.

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The Blue Snowball Ice Streaming Microphone is at Canon Price

Streamer or Gamer, the microphone is an indispensable setup for both. If you want your allies to hear you distinctly or that your live is irreproachable, the Blue Snowball ICE is a good entry in the upper notch level. At the moment, this microphone for streaming is promo at Amazon, at the price of € 41.88.

the good plan

  • Blue microphone…

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Обзор Микрофона Blue Snowball iCE + КОНКУРС

  • Amazon Marketplace


Many gamers start in Streaming without appropriate hardware. It often results in a poor quality and a meter of Viewers that never takes off. To remedy this, it is necessary to equip with dignity, and it starts with a micro worthy of the name. No need to ruin, there are micro USB both affordable and efficient, perfect for gratifying your followers of your best voice during your Streams . The Blue Snowball Ice is part of these microphones that offer a very good sound rendering without demanding astronomical sums.

Compact, this Micro USB Blue arises without harm on a cluttered desk thanks to its small tripod. Very easy to use, this microphone has no button or unnecessary key. On the other hand, the right to a micro armed with a large capsule for optimal sound capture thanks to its cardioid diagram . This Microphone Blue Compact offers everything a Streamer needs, good sound quality and minimum clutter.

Perfect to start in Streaming and carrying quality at an almost professional level, this Microphone USB compact has a very good Price / Price ratio . Launched at the price of € 64.99, it is currently promoted at Amazon at the price of € 41.88 **.

Discover the offer at Amazon

What alternative?

  • Razer Seiren MI…
  • Razer Seiren MI…

  • Rakuten


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We talked about it last week, but Blue is not the only brand to offer streaming microphones both compact and accessible. The gaming Razer specialist has also tried itself with a search Seiren Mini , a lighter version of the most advanced pickups of the brand. Behind his cute design hides a real weapon for the streaming . Equipped with a 14 mm capsule , this microphone offers a supercardioid directivity , the top to well insulate the voice of the Streamer ** ambient noise.

At the moment, this small Micro Razer Seiren Mini takes advantage of a nice promo at Amazon . Launched at the very competitive rate of € 59.99, it enjoys a 50% reduction which makes its price drop only 29,99 € , a very nice offer to equip itself with lower fees.

Discover the offer at Amazon


[Buying Guide] Which Micro USB Choose for Streamer on Twitch

The world of Disney MirrorRese is announced

Dark Horse Books and Disney recently announced The world of Disney Mirrorse A 264-color 264-color hardcover book detailing the design concepts, tradition, environments and more of Kabam’s next mobile video game. Stope of Disney As previously announced, will be launched for iOS and Android mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play on June 23. The world of Disney Mirrorverse However, will be launched on August 31 for $ 49.99.

Disney Mirrorverse | Official Announce Trailer | Pre-Register Now ????
“Sinister forces are emerging in MirrorRese, which requires champions powerful enough to face the deadly challenge,” says part of the next book of Dark Horse Books. «The world of Disney MirrorVerse provides an in-depth look at the powerfully amplified versions of Sulley, Baymax, Jack Skellington, Malefica, Bella, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, SCAR and more, all evolved into visually dynamic and unexpected shapes as guardians Against the fractured hordes approaching in search of to destroy the mirrorress. Examine the family locations of Disney and Pixar now altered by Stellar Magic, and explore the magnificent new worlds inside disney_! “

You can see the full cover of The world of Disney MirrorRese below:

The fact that a full-cover full art book has already been announced for Education of Disney should give an idea of ​​how serious they are Disney and Kabam about it. Given the previous success of MARVEL contest of champions, it is not terribly surprising, but it is still a bit. Based on a recent interview with, Kabam certainly sounded serious.

“Our roadmap lasts 18 months,” said Mark Raham, Executive Producer of Disney_ for Kabam, when asked how much content had already gathered the team. “Doing this well also means doing it with intention and make sure to do it in the right way. We do not gather this, so it takes a long time. It requires a lot of care, you know? Opportunities like this do not show up every day, so for us, the idea of ​​taking time and doing it well is really important ».

As noted above, The world of Disney Mirrorverse will be launched at the end of this year on August 31. It is available to preordire wherever those things are sold for $ 49.99. Easing Disney In general, will be officially launched for iOS and Android mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play on June 23. The team-based action role play is developed by Kabam and presents a series of Disney and Pixar characters. You can check all our previous Kabam coverage here.

What do you think of what we have seen from Easquer of Disney So far? How about the new hardcover volume with information behind the scene on the Dark Horse Books and Disney video game? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

The finest WoW guild on the planet is given with a course at the last employer – why?

Proud 277 efforts has the guild on in charge before he ultimately lost. Echo needed to equip himself a number of times much better over supposed “Split Raids” and formerly handed down various other, difficult employers. The competition of Liquid has actually even invested 85,000 EUR for her progress.

The occasion around the kill has hired self-known sizes from the German songs scene. The Rap artist Bushido coastly far from his kids, simply to meet Echo.

In your installment, nonetheless, a course is missing out on: the hunter. Meinmmo explains why the professionals do without the course as well as why they do not have to provide it too much.

That was the Globe First Kill: After just under 3 weeks, the EU Guild Echo has beat the Charter Master in the Mausoleum on March 26th. ECHO is hence the first guild worldwide, which has actually laid the endboss of Shadowlands on mythical difficulty.

Which course is missing out on? If you search in the log of the kill, as an example on warcraft logs, after that it falls on that point was not involved in the kill from the 12 courses from Globe of Warcraft: the hunter. Any other course exists at the very least as soon as. ECHO won with:

Just equivalent hunters that are just one of the most effective courses for beginners as well as returnees were not permitted to join. Just how come?

Magtheridon WoW TBC Classic Hunter Perspective (Guild First)

  • One Fatality Knight and Monk Container
  • a paladin as well as monk healer
  • 3 priest therapists
  • 3 balance druids
  • 2 fury warriors
  • a weapon warrior
  • 3 demonology witches
  • each a fire magician, worsen-demon seeker, primary medicine men as well as deception rogues

Hunters are tolerable – just professionals require something much better

For that reason, hunters are not at the kill: In the present DPS list of WOW, Hunters are really among the stronger courses. Nonetheless, you have a large problem: everything you can can, various other courses can likewise – just much better.

Rogues such as make even more damage and can also take technicians via their tones of darkness. Various other classes bring one-of-a-kind abilities as well as are for that reason at least as soon as in the team:

Right here: in each location definitely must be enhanced. That’s done if there is the possibility to obtain also a little bit much more inadequate more. This does not use to the most guilds.

Are hunters currently worthless? No, you can remain to play hunters without any type of issues – specifically when the class is excellent. Guilds such as ECHO, Fluid or the most effective German guild hostility are battling for every percent.

  • Demon hunters increase the magical damage of the challenger experienced
  • Monks boost the physical damages of the challenger suffered
  • Magicians bring Arcane intelligence

As a guideline of thumb it is always much better to play what you are. With a course that makes more injury from mathematical point of view, but never dominated which does not suit you, you will rarely come to good numbers.

If you take a look at the Heroic DPS numbers at the one in charge, this programs: all classes that do not bring an one-of-a-kind capacity to make more damage (via Warcraftlogs). This, consequently, additionally means that the one in charge auto mechanics do not necessarily call for hunters or hinder other courses.

Hunters do not have such skills as well as their high movement compared to other classes does not seem to be critical at the champion master to take them.

By the method, specifically a team of gamers like to have other points and also such standings, though they really have absolutely nothing more with Wow at the hat:

The most irritating to World of Warcraft are the former gamers

In your installment, however, a class is missing: the seeker. Meinmmo clarifies why the specialists do without the course and also why they do not have to give it as well much. Which class is missing? If you look in the log of the kill, for example on warcraft logs, after that it drops on that one thing was not included in the kill from the 12 classes from Globe of Warcraft: the hunter. ** No, you can proceed to play hunters without any problems – especially when the course is excellent.

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