Almost six months of the scandals of Activision Blizzard , the videogame industry still does not forget the accusations against executives such as Bobby Kotick. Although most of the criticisms come from different means and the opinion of the players, members of this industry are also not happy with the way in which toxicity has dominated work spaces in recent years. This is a feeling that Laura Miele, senior vice president and director of EA operations, has made it clear. **

During a presentation at the event of D.i.C.E. 2022, Miele had the opportunity to talk about some of the cases of abuse that have given much to talk about in recent months. Although she did not directly mention Activision Blizzard or Bobby Kotick, her comments from her arise during a period where unacceptable practices in the work environment have come to light in companies such as the recent acquisition of Microsoft. This was what Miele commented on this:

“Let’s be realistic, there have been some harsh holders. Stories on negligence and demands, all derived from leaders who did not meet the standards we expected.

Women have been harassed, intimidated, marginalized, delayed in their careers, paid less and much, much less. These are real stories, real human beings, and this is happening in companies in our industry.

Leaders who do not comply with basic standards must leave. “

Miele has pointed out that no level of success matters against toxic culture and executive directors who, according to it, allow it to exist. Similarly, these comments arose within the framework of a presentation focused on the way video games have increased their importance in the world of entertainment, and how managers have to take responsibility for this type of case.

On related topics, we would not have a new call of duty this year. Similarly, Report points out that the purchase of Activision Blizzard began after the cases of harassment.

Editor’s note:

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Is An Absolute Monster

Laura Miele is right in her comments. Managers have to take responsibility for the type of behavior in the work area. We are not only talking about harassment, but about the crunch and other practices that are damaging the people responsible for the games that we love so much.